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Dollhouse 2.05 The Public Eye - Trailer

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Promo trailer for Dollhouse 2.05 "The Public Eye" guest starring Summer Glau.

Senator Daniel Perrin breaks new ground in his attempt to expose the Dollhouse's secrets - by recruiting Madeline/November to testify before a Senate subcommittee. Rossum states that they will handle the situation, leading Ballard and DeWitt to fear for Madeline's safety, so Echo is sent to stop him, in hopes that that will keep Rossum from harming her. But all is not as it appears - Rossum has a hidden agenda, and the tension between the LA Dollhouse and its parent company increases. Meanwhile, in the Washington DC Dollhouse, we meet genius programmer, Bennett Halverson, a woman with a mysterious past connection to Echo/Caroline.

Year: 2009
Author: Summer Glau Channel
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