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Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau - Promo Interviews for Serenity

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Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau promote "Serenity"

In this video filmed in London on October 5, 2005, watch Serenity director Joss Whedon on bringing 'Firefly' to the big screen, actor Nathan Fillion on why people should come see the film, and actress Summer Glau on physical training for the film. 1. Trailer clip - 'Serenity'APTNLondon, 5th October 20052. SOUNDBITE (English) Joss Whedon, Writer and Director (on bringing 'Firefly' to the big screen):"You know, if you write a screenplay and nobody makes it, it's like you've created a world and then it just disappears. When you make a television series for 11 episodes and then it disappears and you still feel like you haven't told the story, it's ten times worse because you've not only created a world in the sense of having written it, you've cast it, you've dressed it, you've build it, you've filmed it...and it's not enough. It's not enough to say 'Okay, we did a few episodes of that, it didn't take, move on'. I loved this story - I loved writing it, I loved shooting it, I loved the cast, I loved the characters. I absolutely could not let go of it emotionally."Universal Pictures3. Film clip - 'Serenity'APTNLondon, 5th October 20054. SOUNDBITE (English) Nathan Fillion, Actor (on why people should come see the film):"Clever characters, great dialogue, a good story - don't be thrown that it's sci-fi. This is a good movie. People should see this movie if they've ever had a TV show cancelled that they've ever loved or if they've ever fought a losing battle, that is reason enough to come and see this movie."Universal Pictures5. Film clip - 'Serenity'APTNLondon, 5th October 20056. SOUNDBITE (English) Summer Glau, Actress (on physical training for the film):"We all knew that I wanted to do the fight scenes myself, that was a goal for Joss and a goal for me, so I worked really hard. You know, he didn't want to take the camera away from me, he didn't want to do a lot of tricks, he didn't want to do any wires. We didn't want it to look like an actress trying to look like a martial arts star. He wanted it to look like a real fight, like she walks in and she can use what she has around her to take people down."Universal Pictures7. B-roll on set 'Serenity'8. Film clip - 'Serenity'APTNLondon, 5th October 20059. SOUNDBITE (English) Joss Whedon, Writer and Director, (on the attraction of the sci-fi fantasy genre):" 'Serenity' is very anti-mythological, it's very grounded, it's very scruffy, it's very scrappy. What people love is the idea that these people, who are not particularly epic, are themselves, are themselves writ large and I think that's what's worked in all of my fiction. It's a sort of romanticising of the every day."Universal Pictures10. Film clip - 'Serenity'APTNLondon, 5th October 200511. SOUNDBITE (English) Nathan Fillion, Actor, (on the loyal fan base of the show):"Number one, it's because of Joss, it's because of the stories that he writes, it's because he allows people to invest in the characters who are real, he won't insult your intelligence, he'll surprise you and he'll satisfy you and he'll also break your heart, he does things that are akin to real life."Universal Pictures12. Film clip - 'Serenity'APTNLondon, 5th October 200513. SOUNDBITE (English) Joss Whedon, Writer and Director, (on opening the story to a mainstream audience through the movie):"What's important is that people who have never hear of 'Firefly' or me or anything that I've done can walk into the movie and have a great time, that's where my eyes always were."

Year: 2005
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