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Joseph Flowers on: Guess whose birthday it is today!

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robbo on: Guess whose birthday it is today!

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The Summer Glau Mixes - Part 3 Seduction Mix: A Very Hot Summer!!

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Views: 3 Added by: chrisdvanne Watch on: Youtube
Entry description:

Pt 3 is a mix of gorgeous Summer's sexy side from films, TV EP's, and a photoshoot, from 2006 to 2012. Seduction is really in the eyes, or a coy glance ....and the rest? Well it speaks for itself smile Summer's got it all goin on! Music is The Black Keys 'Girl is On My Mind', from their Rubber Factory album.All clips and times listed below.0:03 TSCC S02E220:13 FHM photoshoot0:15 The Cape S01E030:17 Deadly Honeymoon0:19 Alphas S01E070:21 Long Hot Summer (Keith Urban music vid)0:22 FHM photoshoot0:24 Alphas S01E070:27 TSCC S02E220:30 FHM photoshoot0:32 The Big Bang Theory S02E170:34 The Cape S01E030:36 TSCC S02E020:41 The Cape S01E100:45 The Cape S01E030:46 The Unit S02E09 (Dancing clip)0:47 FHM photoshoot0:49 The Initiation of Sarah0:52 (The two quick clips) TSCC S02E11 then TSCC S02E080:54 Alphas S02E130:58 The Cape S01E021:00 Long Hot Summer (Keith Urban music vid)1:02 Alphas S01E071:06 Dollhouse S02E111:09 The cape S01E041:11 Chuck S04E081:24 TSCC S02E221:28 TSCC S01E071:32 The Cape S01E051:34 TSCC S02E011:36 The Cape S01E031:38 FHM photoshoot1:40 The Cape S01E051:41 TSCC S02E151:43 TSCC S01E011:44 The Cape S01E101:46 TSCC S01E061:53 The Unit S02E091:55 FHM photoshoot 1:57 Deadly Honeymoon2:01 The Big Bang Theory S02E172:05 TSCC S02E022:07 The Unit S02E142:10 TSCC S01E092:16 FHM photoshoot2:17 The Unit S02E092:20 Chuck S04E082:26 The Cape S01E022:30 TSCC S02E202:34 The Cape S01E102:39 The Cape S01E042:42 TSCC S02E083:03 Deadly Honeymoon3:07 TSCC S01E033:10 The Cape S01E073:12 Dollhouse S02E113:16 Outbreak Mammoth3:21 The Cape S01E103:23 Taken from the trailer for 'Inside The Box' , a short, written and directed by David Martín-Porrasas 3:25 TSCC S02E163:28 to 3:22 The Five face clips in order are TSCC S02E11, The Cape S01E03, TSCC S02E11, The Big Bang Theory S02E17 and TSCC S02E163:34 The Cape S01E03

Video runtime: 00:03:39
Author: Sal Frank
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