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Videos of Summer's panel at Comic Con Russia Day 2

Summer Glau's panel at Comic Con Russia Day 2

Check out the video of Summer's panel on her second day at Comic Con Russia. Among other things, Summer talks about her acting career and even sings “All my Ex’s live in Texas” by George Strait while showing her dancing skills. Enjoy!



You can watch Summer on stage during her first day at Comic Con Russia in the following Youtube playlist.


Follow this link to see the images of Summer from Comic Con Russia.


03 Oct 2015
Total comments: 2
  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 03 Oct 2015, 16:21 GMT

It's the first time Summer is seen singing publicly to my knowledge smile

  Message #2 | Rally205 | 03 Oct 2015, 22:28 GMT

So. TSCC Season 3 is being filmed in Summer's back yard. I'm in. Thinking John's love rival for Cameron!

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