Video: Summer Glau panel Supanova

14 Apr 2012
Fermi 2 Comments

A video of Summer's panel at Supanova Melbourne just showed up on youtube.


This is just a short part of the panel only 5 minutes, the entire panel was 1 hour long.

Summer answer fans questionnaires about her pets, dancing and vacation. Summer said that she is a Country music lover and having the opportunity to be in Keith Urban "Long Hot Summer" music video was a dream come true for her. Also she looked really cute when a fan gave her the embarrassing question, if she recovered from the mental anguish working with Nathan Fillion.

Here is a longer clip of the first 18 minutes of Summer Glau's Q&A


We hear Summer talking about her favorite scene in Firefly, Objects in Space when the branch turned into a gun. She also talks about how she felt inspired by her character Skylar in Alphas and that we going to learn a lot about her the next season.

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  Message #1 | REG | 28 Apr 2012, 14:21 GMT

thank you! great that i and others who were there can re-live a little of it.

  Message #2 | REG | 24 Apr 2012, 13:41 GMT

when that question was asked everyone laughed so hard. i am going to try and find a video of the entire panel or if i can't then a transcript would be the next best thing.
i was on the other side of the room. my seat wasn't that good, i had to sort of lean to see her because two guys in the front row were kind of blocking my view. you can see on the pics i took on my facebook in the Supanova album.

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