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Video of Summer's panel at Comic Con Honolulu

Added by chrisdvanne on Aug 01, 2016 | 2 COMMENTS

For all fans around the world and those of you who were at Comic Con Honolulu but missed her panel, the convention organizers posted the video of Summer's panel. She talks working on Firefly and Serenity with Joss Whedon, being uncomfortable playing Isabel Rochev at first in the season two opener of Arrow, the various roles she played in her career, the importance of fan interactions, meeting her husband Val during the filming of an episode of Hawaii Five-0 and more. 



Read below a few impressions from Summer's panel, thanks to thegeekiary.

Summer Glau was part of a gym team in San Antonio

Adam Baldwin was like Summer Glau’s “set dad.” She looked up to him

Firefly was only her second gig and she didn’t know what to do. Baldwin told her to remember it and enjoy it

Summer Glau compares stunt training to ballet class

Glau had to actually make contact during the fight scenes on Firefly. “They loved it!”

Glau was uncomfortable with her character on Arrow at first. She wasn’t connecting at first. Enjoyed it more later

Glau says her interactions with people appreciative of her work is sacred, even when strange things happen

Glau is getting emotional and says her interactions with her fans are a blessing

She’s grateful for whenever fans come up to her. “Except that one time I had to file a restraining order.” Lol

Joss Whedon was writing a ballet and Glau wanted to be involved but they never got around to making it

Ballet involves standing in front of a mirror all day looking for your flaws. That’s why she turned to acting

Glau would always skip out on Jazz class. That was the only one she didn’t enjoy

She doesn’t feel like she plays the same roll over and over, but she does always play “extreme” characters

Summer Glau met the whole cast of Star Trek TNG in Orlando and she started to cry

Being considered a “feminist roll model” isn’t up to Glau, she says. It’s in eye of the beholder. Considers herself empowered
Glau is one of 3 girls. All are different but they all feel empowered

“Throughout my career I’ve read a lot of material that makes me feel demeaned and I can’t do it.” -Summer Glau

She was raised to choose rolls that make her feel good as a woman. She won’t take rolls that make her feel demeaned

Being empowered doesn’t mean she has to be the one to “save the day.” They can be the damaged one, says Glau

“Joss is a champion for women” says Glau. She’s glad she met him early in her career

I had a lot of fun playing Dollhouse until Amy shot me” says Glau

Glau married someone on the Hawaii 5-0 crew so she definitely liked it lol

Sword work on Firefly was the easiest for her because it felt like ballet.

Ravager was the most uncomfortable outfit she’s had to wear

Glau’s favorite ballet growing up was Jazelle. She never got to dance it.

She got to dance it for Angel, though. Joss added a reshoot day so she could do more ballet

Glau’s favorite ballet now is the Nutcracker

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Total comments: 2

  Message #1 | Admirator | 2016 Aug 01, 06:21 GMT

I wish they could have better sound quality (not only them, but all panels), for some non native english speakers like me smile . I think i got most of it though. Nice smile !

  Message #2 | Admirator | 2016 Aug 02, 05:10 GMT

They should plug a jack or two in some short of device, in order for the signal to reach us in the best form smile .
At 36:40.. she says she broke her toe in rehearsal at Hawaii 5-0. Again. Oh Summer… So much pain in some parts of her life... Both physical and psychological I can imagine. Wish life could be softer to people.

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