Video: Human Preservation Project Teaser

04 Nov 2011
Fermi 3 Comments

Here is a new Human Preservation Project teaser with Summer Glau as Natalia Suttinger

She show us some of the new puzzle that can be shown at they have opened up a new facility

Source: buzzfocus

Total comments: 3
  Message #1 | Nomad79 | 05 Nov 2011, 13:34 GMT

I'm still stuck in facility 3, solved most the puzzels, but backtracking if I missed anything. The glyph logic is giving me some two videos unlocked, got all the keys and constelation keys...wonder if I missed anything?

This does remind me of a Xbox game I played before, Summer would've been perfect for the female role....

  Message #2 | Fermi | 04 Nov 2011, 15:18 GMT

This is a great game. I solved all the puzzles, and that was fun. Yay a new facility open up

  Message #3 | Fermi | 04 Nov 2011, 19:08 GMT

This teaser looks cool they should make this game into a movie.

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