Video: Comic Book Resources talks with Summer Glau

In this video interview from NYCC by Comic Book Resources Summer Glau speaks about her new character Natalia Suttinger in the Human Preservation Project. She also talks about how she chooses roles and that she is becoming more tech savvy (somewhere in the middle), she is after all a geek at heart.

Summer Glau NYCCSummer Glau NYCCSummer Glau NYCC


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12 Nov 2011
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  Message #1 | Fermi | 13 Nov 2011, 02:48 GMT [Entry]

Because she gets that exact question by the interviewer, and it's true, but she says that in technology she is still somewhere in the middle. In earlier interviews she have been saying that she is not tech savvy at all, so she been evolving.
A geek is an enthusiast not necessary technology/science, Summer geeks about a lot of stuff:

  Message #2 | FordStaff | 13 Nov 2011, 02:22 GMT [Entry]

Thanks for the video.

Also why does the text say she is a geek at heart? I find no reason to believe such a thing, unless your taking a very broad definition of geek that encompasses the vast majority of people (thereby making the word useless).

  Message #3 | Blazius | 13 Nov 2011, 01:52 GMT [Entry]

Yes, thank you for the video!

Yes she seems indeed more comfortable now, she can even joke with the interviewer and such( before she was too occupied to do that).

But the scene where she stares in the camera and recite the address of the site is still a bit blatant smile

BTW comparing this to the blu-ray Srenity extract and with earlier River interviews I can confirm that while she became more confident she lost nothing of her cuteness wink

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne_ | 13 Nov 2011, 01:43 GMT [Entry]

I liked the interaction between Summer Glau and the interviewer. Not that we learn anything new though.
But summer felt more a Summer-ish way biggrin

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