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Grey's Anatomy 8.17 Caps and Clips

Added by Fermi on Mar 16, 2012 | 8 COMMENTS

Summer Glau's character Emily had significant screen time in tonights episode of Grey's Anatomy and we learned that Owen was not cheating on Cristina with Emily. Watch video clips from Grey's Anatomy episode 17 season 8 "One Step Too Far" with scenes featuring Summer Glau as Emily the nurse.

Watch more clips featuring Summer Glau in Grey'sAnatomy 8.17 'One Step Too Far' in the video gallery.

As usual we have added HD screencaps from the episode to our gallery, enjoy.

8x17 One Step Too Far 720p HD8x17 One Step Too Far 720p HD8x17 One Step Too Far 720p HD8x17 One Step Too Far 720p HD

[Grey's Anatomy 8.17 Caps]


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Total comments: 8

  Message #1 | Blazius | 2012 Mar 20, 22:31 GMT

Highlight of the night? They probably doesn't even realize that Summer's been doing performances like this constantly for a decade without ever slowing down.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Mar 20, 22:15 GMT

And to highlight your opinion on Summer performance, here's what blogger Alex Cranz said in online review at Fempop :

And then the bastard went and cheated on her. Not with Summer Glau as we all initially suspected (Sidenote: her trying to prove she isn’t dating Owen was a highlight of the night. MORE GLAU.), but with some other lady we may have never seen before.

  Message #3 | Blazius | 2012 Mar 20, 22:11 GMT

Yeah, Alphas was a more fitting role in any case and Skylers dialog was pretty awesome(especially the flunkies parts). At least we are lucky that Summer is good enough that she can be brilliant even with crappy dialog and the other, non-verbal aspects of her acting offsets the shortcomings as much as possible.

Only a master actor can do this and Summer proved numerous times her mastery.

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Mar 20, 21:47 GMT

Nice to have you back biggrin
Indeed Summer made a great performance even if she was not at the center of the plot; i think everyone agrred on that, even if you don't like Grey's Anatomy.

Unfortunately she didn't have the better lines in GA, compared to Alphas for example : "later flunkies".

  Message #5 | Blazius | 2012 Mar 20, 21:09 GMT

Hello, everybody again! I'm back smile

I could finally see Summers episode!

I'm really glad that Summer got more screentime and her performance during the confrontation scene was simply staggering! Honestly this is one of Summers most intense and brilliant moments ever IMO! Of course it wasn't as long as Alisons interrogation scenes for example but that few moments packed a real punch for sure! So many different and strong emotions, mixed with each other, brilliantly played and communicated to the audience while keeping those emotions so genuine as if it were a real exchange in front of you. The other thing that staggered me( and it always does) is that the same power and raw emotion that came from Summer when she was new and fresh a decade ago is still 100% there. Even the best artists tend to burn out a bit with time or have bad days at least but Summer is like if she were just starting to heat up.

Where all that energy and brilliance comes from I wonder?
Its simply amazing that it doesn't matter which point of her career you choose she is equally brilliant every time. Her other moments were brilliant too of course in the episode.

This episode on the other hand clearly underlines the artistic values vs. career advancement issues. Summer doesn't really belong there in that sense that every other actor and the script seems vastly inferior compared to her abilities IMO and I'm sure she was never so much bored in her life than in this changing period simply because this role didn't use utilize even 1% of her abilities. This clearly makes a very unpleasant contrast with Summer vs. everybody else on stage which is only helped by Summers handicapped screentime.

Of course its right now the best to build her career and I imagine this two eps were an enormous help with that, my point simply is that as in the case of A- lister movies artistic is not the same as succesful or even popular.

  Message #6 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Mar 16, 13:33 GMT

I think it would be great to have the clip #8 for all to see in the news page and a link to all the videos.

We got to see Summer Glau in a wide range of emotions and she did very well smile
It shows when you browse through the screencaps.

  Message #7 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Mar 16, 11:42 GMT

Big LOL at all the "fans" dissing Summer Glau's performance/role in Grey's Anatomy! I bet they're the same who said a few weeks ago that her career was on the decline if the only roles she could get are a silent cameo on GA. They were proven wrong a few days later but funnily i have not seen them making their mea culpa.

Regarding yesterday's episode, Summer got a decent screentime and one has to understand her character was not there to come back like in Alphas, nurse Emily was there only to underline the issues in Owen/Cristina couple.

But let me repeat it to you, this one-shot guest appearance in Grey's will do more for Summer's career than her brilliant and game changing (for the show) guest spot in Alphas; because Alphas is a niche show on cable, gathering only 1.4 Million viewers while GA is a hit show on a major network, Thursday’s No. 1 drama in the key 18-49 demographic, gathering more than 8 Millions viewers, having multiples repeats and sold internationally.

More, Summer is apparently trying to branch out from sci-fi genre and this guest spot is one important step; next step being upcoming TNT's Scent of the Missing.

  Message #8 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Mar 16, 05:05 GMT

Thanks for posting the clips and screencaps so quicly !

I'm glad she had much more screentime and lines in this episode; i don't think we could have expected more considering the numerous plots and the ensemple cast.

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