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More infos on tonights episode of Arrow at THR and TVLine:

THR interviewd David Ramsey, who plays Oliver Queen's right-hand man John Diggle in Arrow. Here's the tidbit on Summer's Isabel Rochev:

How does someone like Isabel, who's in Oliver's corner because of Queen Consolidated, affect the trio?
Isabel is obviously a thorn in Oliver Queen and Queen Consolidated's side, and their relationship is a thorn in Team Arrow's side. Without giving away too much of the story, interestingly enough, through this story you not only see Team Arrow bond, but you also see Isabel reveal something about herself. There will be some reveals in this episode. It's not Malcolm Merlyn huge, but it's huge. It's big enough.


Matt Webb Mitovich at TVLine has a few tidbits about tonights episode of Arrow, “Keep your Enemies Closer”. Summer Glau shared with TVLine Isabel’s suspicions about Oliver and Felicity, and how breaking away from the boardroom might lead two parties into the bedroom.


Arrow's Summer Glau: Isabel Will Try to 'Wedge Her Way' Between Oliver and Felicity
Arrow's Summer Glau: Isabel Will Try to 'Wedge Her Way'
Between Oliver and Felicity.
Below is an excerpt from this interview. Follow the link below and head over to TVLine for the complete article.
TVLINE | Why do she and Oliver lock horns this time around?
She’s been trying to assert her place in the company, and he’s gone and scheduled this supposed business trip to Russia – but she absolutely cannot let him go without her. So they get to Russia and since they’re not in the office, there’s more opportunity for them to get to know each others’ personality. Maybe things get revealed that otherwise would never have a chance to surface?
TVLINE | What, does she suspect they have more than a professional relationship going on…?
She’s going to turn up the heat on those two. She knows that there’s something going on…. I don’t want t give too much away about future episodes, Keep Your Enemies Closerbut she’s going to keep pushing. She wants to be in control.
TVLINE | Did you get a chance to bust out some Russian?
I did! Not as much as Stephen [Amelll], but yes, I do speak a little Russian. But I think he’s better at it than me – which is hard for me to admit!
TVLINE | The promo that’s out there would suggest that in addition to coming to appreciate Oliver’s boardroom skills, this is the week Isabel becomes privy to his bedroom skills.
[Laughs] Well, a lady doesn’t talk about such things, and Isabel is a lady, soooo… I’m going to keep that a secret. But Oliver does have a way with the ladies. I’m sure there will be complications.
TVLINE | In the promo, I can’t tell if Isabel’s look is come hither or “Catch you later.”
Maybe a little bit of both….
TVLINE | How many episodes do we have you for?
I was originally asked to do three, and now I’ve done… five? So it’s open. I love the cast and I think the show is beautifully done, so I’m game.
Summer is back on TV on this weeks episode of Arrow titled "Keep Your Enemies Closer". Check out a video preview here and take on our polls "Will Isabel and Oliver have an affair?" and also "Is Isabel Rochev Talia al Ghul in disguise?".
So don't forget to tune in to The CW today at 8/7pm CST for an all-new episode of Arrow!
Side note: Summer Glau will be a guest on The Late Late Show hosted by Craig Ferguson on CBS this Friday, November 15  at 12:35am/11:35pm C.
13 Nov 2013
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The Arrow interview burst continues with this very informative interview smile

Can't wait for tonights episode of Arrow!

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