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The Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic book

The Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic book
The Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic book

Of all the TV shows that were canceled too soon, one of the hardest to lose for me was "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles". So when long time TSCC fan and mystery noir novelist Matt asked me if I was interested in sharing with you guys a TSCC comic short, I immediately said "yes". Matt teamed up with commercial illustrator and comic artist Randy Cole and they did a 13 page Detective short set at the end of the Future War that ties in with Jesse and Riley.

And before you read it, I asked Matt to say a few words about this TSCC comic:

Side Note: There's some salty language in it, it's only in reference to the author, no one else.

There’s something about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles that was ahead of its time, which changed television into the medium it is today. All you have to do is watch “Westworld” (HBO's TV show) to see just how far ahead TSCC was in the year 2008. This comic is my tribute to this show which I had watched the night it premiered and spent years of my life on message boards, arguing in flame wars of if John and Cameron were in love (They were, it has been confirmed! #Jameron #SuckitMikeWilkerson). And as scandalous as it is to admit, for some reason, I wrote fan fiction about it. In fact, due to a public education which taught me nothing, yet teachers somehow want more of my money, writing fan fiction was how I taught myself to write. Though, to be fair, it was the absolute flaming I consistently got about my horrible grammar, which was my teacher. It might be the only time in history where consistently being called “Faggot” and “Asshole” actually helped someone improve …

So, applause all around, internet fandom jerk-offs.

So it was December 2012 that I found and fell in love with the original irradiation of a Kevin Smith podcast called “Fatman on Batman” which, originally, was Kevin Smith interviewing Comic Book writers and artists that wrote on Batman. At the time it was a great tool for writers, in general, where you can sit at the feet of legends of several industries and listen to them talk of character and world building. And it was, during a commentary track of “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” by Kev Smith and Paul Dini, that Dini began composing a mini-story on air of how Batman and the Joker get ready before a bought against one another. From there, both Smith and Dini put it out to the audience for aspiring artists to go and draw that story using #Dinidream on twitter. With Paul Dini style of writing being a big inspiration of mine, I decided to go onto the hashtag several years later and see what people put up. And there I found the best of the bunch drawn by my future partner on this project, the great Randy Cole.

At the time I had been writing TSCC fan fiction for years, and I had just finished writing a Great Detective Noir story called “The Hanging Tree” which had been inspired by Batman, Edgar Allen Poe, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective classics. But the prologue of the story was kicked off with a tribute to the Batman: “Black and White” short comic story “Perpetual Mourning” by writer and illustrator Ted McKeever. In a shot in the dark, one late night, I shot Randy Cole a tweet, asking if he’d be interested in doing a short “Black and White” story set in the Terminator Universe, heavy on TSCC. I didn’t expect him to answer back. But the next day I got a DM claiming he had never seen TSCC, but asking how I wanted to do it. As two people, honing our art for the future, I couldn’t think of a better situation. But the truth was, I, actually, never wrote a comic before. So I broke out my hardcover of “Black Canary & Zatana: Blood Spell” by Paul Dini and Joe Quinones and looked to the back of the book which had Dini’s actual scripts. So after studying those for reference, I chicken wired a script from the prologue texts of the posted story and wrote direction.

After almost a year of a few hours on weekends and days off, we finished it, and then, put it away. I posted it in several places with barely any response and I shrugged about it. So, several years later, out of boredom, I shot Chris a tweet last week asking if he wanted to post it up …

What you are about to read is the prologue sequence to the story “The Hanging Tree”, which follows a mysterious figure who comes across a dead body near the end of “The Future War”. What kicks off is a murder investigation which ties directly into two character’s time altering scheme throughout Season Two of TSCC. In this comic you WILL see familiar faces from the TV show - some you loved, some you hated - but maybe not in the roles that you might be used to. 
Just after the prologue, the narrative of the novel continues with an awkward prom dress scene that involves John, Riley, Morris and Cameron but you'll have to read the next chapters to see how the story unfold and discover the shocking reveal about Cameron.

So here it is, I give to you a love letter to Pulp Noir and Great Detective Fiction, as well as the only serious comic of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” known to man, done by a real and published artist.


The Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic bookThe Hanging Tree - A TSCC fan comic book


Add a comment below if you think you recognized some of the characters depicted in the comics. And in case people are interested to know how the story turns out, here's a link to the "The Hanging Tree", the story this TSCC comic is based on.

On the same topic, don't forget to check out the first episodes of the fan-made 3D animated Season 3 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.


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  Message #1 | Randy | 20 Aug 2018, 14:37 GMT

Interesting story. There is a lot of great fan fiction out there on TSCC, much of which highlights Summer as Cameron. You could consider a brief article on "ReaganCaseyFan" who has written some terrific fan fiction focused on Cameron and who has now published several original novels about a detective in a future outer space world which includes a character that reminds one very much of Summer's previous roles.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 20 Aug 2018, 23:00 GMT

@Randy There are threads for TSCC and Firefly fan fiction on the forum, feel free to post a link there.

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