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New Summer Glau Pictures from Calgary Expo

Added by Fermi on Jun 18, 2011 | 39 COMMENTS

The Summer Glau panel at Calgary Expo.
The attendees were delighted to see her on panel; her genuine shyness and charm did wonders as usual.
Here are some new pictures from the panel and photo op.

Click on the pictures to view bigger size

We will keep updating this news post when we get more pictures from the event.

See more pictures in The Calgary Expo gallery album
We also have a forum thread where fans can post pictures and updates from the event.

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Total comments: 39
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 21, 21:42 GMT

You know what Alex, the comment section of the News is not very handy for a conversation (i check it nowdays just because i know you answer here).
I invite you to move to the forum so that everyone can share your stories from the Expo.

The following thread is dedicated to the Calgary Expo (but nothing prevent you from posting somewhere else) : 2011 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

Have you seen the Combo Breaker Meme on this forum :

  Message #2 | Alex | 2011 Jun 21, 20:51 GMT

^ Yeah, I saw that photo too but it was clearly a put-on. All I know is I saw get as many hugs as she gave, including one guy who almost got a bit too personal! (Though Summer and her assistants had a good laugh about that after). Too bad the whole hover hand thing isn't very well known - might have made for an amusing set of photos from the convention if someone had got not just Summer but Jonathan Frakes, Matt Frewer, Chris Judge, Linda Blair, Elvira - not to mention Bill Shatner - to do the same thing!

  Message #3 | Alex | 2011 Jun 21, 07:00 GMT

I was just reading the "hover hands" thread - I definitely didn't see any of that going on during the photo ops!

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 21, 07:56 GMT

No Hover Hand this year sad

  Message #5 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 21, 17:41 GMT

We're both wrong Alex; The Summer Glau Wiki has THE exclusive picture of Hover Hand taken at Calgary Expo.
You can find it on the Hover Hand forum thread.

The only problem is that it was a staged photo; the guy on the photo, Jesse, asked Summer to do this on purpose after he explained her. He nicely give us more information about that picture on the forum thread.

  Message #6 | Alex | 2011 Jun 20, 23:19 GMT

^ Thanks! I did recognize it but I couldn't remember the name for the life of me. I'm happy to see the whole panel has ended up on YouTube. One thing I should add to all the other observations - and you can tell this from the video - is that Summer was quite quiet as she spoke, and the audience I thought was quite respectful and quiet and allowed her to be heard. The arena was about 3/4 full (maybe more) so it shows the kind of respect folks had for Summer.

  Message #7 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 20, 23:01 GMT

I just watched the video and the brand is San Pellegrino, an italian sparkling water.
The bottle is green, just like the Perrier bottle, hence your hesitation smile

  Message #8 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 20, 12:24 GMT

There is someone i need to introduce to Summer.

  Message #9 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 20, 20:56 GMT

Summer Glau pannel @ Calgary Expo video is out now but thanks for the early transcript!

Summer Glau pannel @ Calgary Expo video

  Message #10 | Alex | 2011 Jun 20, 15:28 GMT

^ I just re-read my comment about the "bottled drink" and to head off any rumors at the pass it was a bottled water-style drink (I thought it was Perrier at first but the bottle was different). Nothing stronger than that! ;)

  Message #11 | Devo | 2011 Jun 19, 23:40 GMT

Thanks for the details. It's cool for those of us who cannot attend to read a vivid account of the conventions and the panels. cool

  Message #12 | Alex | 2011 Jun 20, 02:23 GMT

@Michelangelo One differing piece of information though is when I went through the line-up, she was charging $40 for an autograph and $40 for the photo-op. Which wasn't bad compared to Shatner and considering she was considered the #2 main guest. It's possible she lowered the fee later, though it certainly wasn't affecting the line up! I love the fact she posed free with the volunteers. I agree that's so much in character. A couple of the celebrity guests were also VERY strict about people not taking photos while in line-up. Summer seemed to be pretty easygoing about it. One other tidbit from the panel: Summer said she did ask Josh F. if there was any chance of her doing a cameo in the last Terminator movie - just walking through the background was the term she used - but it never happened. She also confessed to being addicted to a certain type of bottled drink - I didn't actually recognize it, but she was quite happy it was available in Canada and had it at her booth and even on stage during the panel (she took one out of her bag during the interview). The moderator for the panel by the way was one of the hosts of InnerSpace, the Space cable network's news show. And while in past years panels have been hosted in meeting rooms, this year they booked the Corral, a small hockey stadium attached to the BMO Centre. There was seating on the floor but most people ended up in the stands since much of the closer seats were reserved for VIP ticket holders. As anyone mentioned the fact we have Katee Sackhoff to thank for Summer being here? Katee was the #2 guest until she had to cancel a couple weeks ago due to a movie project, and Summer was brought in at the last minute.

  Message #13 | Devo | 2011 Jun 19, 23:37 GMT

I liked her lavender plaid shirt. I thought it looked very pretty on her. smile

  Message #14 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 22:24 GMT

Alex, you're the best!
Again, thanks for coming back and sharing those moments with us, simple mortals, who couldn't go to Calgary. I bought a ticket to Starfury T3 in London next week but Summer cancelled(if wondered if someone asked her about it).
I laughed behind my computer reading your detailed transcipt of the panel. What you're telling reflects the opinion of all the comments i've seen from people who approached her. Of course we appreciate first and foremost her acting but how could you not like the person she is, especially when i read you or other people.

  Message #15 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 21:51 GMT

Darren Hamman
Me, the kids, and Summer Glau.

  Message #16 | Alex | 2011 Jun 19, 22:12 GMT

@michelangelo What they set up regarding autographs and photos is that for most of the guests the autographs were being held in one area of the BMO Centre, and then at appointed times the various celebrities went to a special photo op area. People were lining up for a photo with Shatner hours ahead of time. For Summer, for whatever reason, the decision was made to have her photo ops take place at her booth, which was cool because people didn't have to wait at all. It was a separate charge but a lot of people were quite willing to go for it. I regret not doing it myself - I got a great signed photo, but those who went for the photo often got a hug too. It was fun watching her set up the photo, and what got me was despite the fact she did this hundreds of times, she seemed to be genuinely having fun. And so did her handlers and assistants, which was interesting. The only problem was the lineup for her got to be so long that they had to start cutting it off otherwise she wouldn't be able to have any breaks or anything. I never saw the Flames jersey moment, but I wonder if anyone had her put on a cowboy hat since during her presentation she said that's what she'd probably be doing today if she hadn't gotten into acting. (I can't remember everything she talked about, but I remember she called Josh Friedman a poet and was intrigued by his plans for Cameron in Terminator. And of course Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion are gods among men as far as she's concerned. She also talked about how she had to learn not to go "all out" for rehearsals and auditions - she auditioned for Angel in a full ballerina outfit not realizing she didn't need to - and she missed the actual dance portion of the audition, but Whedon told the choreographer that Summer had the role unless she had "cement feet". There was also a moment from one of the Firefly or Serenity shoots where she had to jump out of a box and during rehearsal she gave an Emmy-worthy performance and learned you should save it for the camera!

  Message #17 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 21:40 GMT

One more from my friend Bradley on the forum :

  Message #18 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 21:24 GMT

One more pict from the photo op :

Personally, i prefer that shirt to yesterday's shirt. And it emphasize her good looks much more than the plaid she wore yesterday.

  Message #19 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 20:38 GMT

Obviously, Summer Glau's photo op took place directly at her booth, or on the side more precisely, as it was mentioned at the Calgary Expo site. They warned attendee not to forget their own camera.
Hope more photos will come.

  Message #20 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 17:48 GMT

Seen on twitter a few minutes ago :

AlakiNoelle Cierra Wilson
@tylerwhite0 woah. Summer is doing Expo volunteers free

tylerwhite0 Tyler White
@AlakiNoelle ok now she is even more awesome

That's the Summer we know!

Reminder : Felicia Day and Summer Glau charge $25 for signing whereas William Shatner garges $75.
I have estimated Shatner's total signing fee at the forum :

  Message #21 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 17:38 GMT

Uploaded a video from the Comic Expo made by two geeks : Summer Glau is on it...sort of.

Calcary Comic Expo 2011 Video on the forum.

  Message #22 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 16:53 GMT

Woah, fist pict from the photo op and this is on The Summer Glau Wiki and this is HQ : thanks for the exclusivity Fermi!

Hq Pict from Photo Opportunity

  Message #23 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 16:38 GMT

FNew pict from Ryechess :

"Today I made my way down to the Calgary Comic Expo which is happening this weekend. So I decided that while I was there, I would meet Summer Glau. For those who don't know she's recently known as the female terminator. Someone decided to bring a Flames jersey and have her wear it for his photo opt and I just happened to be there to catch her putting it on."

  Message #24 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 15:24 GMT

Ok guys and gals, last day at Calgary Expo is beginning soon, bring us some more pict of Summer Glau.

  Message #25 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 13:21 GMT

Summer Glau - Calgary Comic Expo – pictures update

Another photo of Summer Glau panel, but from far way this time (all rights reserved) :

Summer Glau Pict - Calgary Comic Expo

  Message #26 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 11:10 GMT

Summer Glau seems to have fun at The Calgary Comix Expo 2011 (so as that Teddy Wilson btw); now i understand better the tweets from attendees.

  Message #27 | Devo | 2011 Jun 19, 12:30 GMT

Her shoes are cuter though. I like them! biggrin

And thanks Alex for the details, it's always fun to hear reports from conventions and panels.

  Message #28 | Fermi | 2011 Jun 19, 11:09 GMT

I added some pics to the news. Summer Glau Interview by Teddy Wilson thanks to
ferreth's flickr photostream
@Alex thank you for the info

  Message #29 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Jun 19, 11:08 GMT

Thanks Fermi, this pictures are much better than the first ones.
We just had to be patient.

I was wrong about the cowboy boots sad

  Message #30 | Charley_Dixon | 2011 Jun 19, 09:10 GMT

Thank you for sharing that information with us.

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