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That time a Browncoat proposed to Summer at a convention

A Firefly fan proposed to Summer - with a twist - at Portland Comic Con 2014 and this all played out in front of her then-fiance Val. James A Long, that's his name, shared with us a video from the scene that happened at Summer's booth and provided additional explanation and photos as well.

The initial moment of surprise past, Summer and Val were fun-loving and really enjoyed doing some fun pose. Watch the funny video below (sorry for bad audio quality) to see their reaction.

I had made plans much prior to going to Portland Comic Con and had invited a few friends, none of which ended up joining me, so this proposal was one of a few favors, actually. At the beginning of the video I was explaining just how upset my friend Stephen  was he couldn't make it, because he said he would have definitely proposed to Summer. It was especially for her reaction, the reason why he wanted to. Both of us are huge fans of hers, mostly because of her role as River in Firefly.
Summer's reaction to me wanting to do this was amazing, I loved that she got defensive per her then-fiance Val being right there, but once they got on board, I was delighted even more, and the picture of Stephen with his cat was sort of on purpose, as I needed a pic and thought that that one was perfect for creating a laugh as well, it was all for fun. We had a good laugh about it. Best part of it all was that Summer's current husband Val held the picture up to my face for the picture.
Afterwards, my friends that were there with me all joined in on the picture with Summer. I enjoyed talking about it again, it was a great experience.



The video stops before the end of the scene but James send us the hilarious and touching photo-op proposal of him down on one knee while Val is holding the photo of Stephen (and his cat). These images are really adorable and it sure was a special moment for everyone involved. 


That time a Browncoat proposed to Summer at a convention That time a Browncoat proposed to Summer at a convention

A huge thank you to James for his video and photos! If like him you want to share your Summer Glau experience with other fans, please contact us.


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17 Jun 2016
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  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 18 Jun 2016, 13:11 GMT

At position 0:23 on the video, I freeze framed it and wondered whether Summer was having any further thoughts on the matter.

  Message #2 | RedsBaron | 20 Jun 2016, 20:39 GMT [Entry]

I thought that was funny and endearing.

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