Teaser from Arrow 2.08 The Scientist

The highly-anticipated episode of Arrow that will introduce Barry Allen, aka The Flash, is only in three days but previews from 'The Scientist' have started to show up online. The guys over at TVSource Magazine tell us a bit about what will happen on this week's two-part midseason finale.
Summer Glau is also coming back as Isabel Rochev in 'The Scientist' and judging from the promotional photos from this episode (see below), Isabel is't in a good mood.
Arrow 2.08 The Scientist – HQ Promotional PhotosArrow 2.08 The Scientist – HQ Promotional PhotosArrow 2.08 The Scientist – HQ Promotional Photos
Here's the teaser regarding Isabel Rochev's involvement:
5. Malcom Merlyn is not Moira’s only problem in the episode. She returns to Queen Consolidated and has a tense reunion with Isabel. ‘Icy’ is not a strong enough word to describe the scenes between these two women and Oliver is caught in the middle more than once. But look for something surprising to happen on this front.
Bonus Tidbit: Oliver’s judgment is called into question a lot in this episode. One poor choice in particular leads to someone correctly pointing out that he owes a woman an apology.
I would remind you that 'The Scientist' is the episode inwhich we will learn Isabel's "surprising connection to the Queen Family" that executive producer Andrew Kreisberg hinted about. Take on our poll on that topic "What is Isabel Rochev connection to the Queen family?".
Check out the trailer for Arrow 2x08 'The Scientist' and tune in to The CW on December 4th at 8/7c for an all-new episode of Arrow.


01 Dec 2013
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  Message #1 | Respect-for-Summer | 01 Dec 2013, 23:36 GMT [Entry]

Interesting Moira might know that Isabel is Robert daughter or mistress
Wednesday come faster !!!!

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 02 Dec 2013, 00:34 GMT [Entry]


Moira hinted several times that Robert cheated on her.

  Message #3 | robbo | 02 Dec 2013, 02:27 GMT [Entry]

What a wait feels like Arrow has been missing for a month, even though it"s just a week, This is the episode I have been most looking forward to watching, should be a really fascinating episode lots going for It, so exciting I just can"t wait especially with Summer back, Oh I nearly forgot Barry Allen AKA " The Flash " should get a few answers to the Saga of the Queen family Connection or maybe not, who knows we shall see come Wednesday!.

  Message #4 | Metal | 02 Dec 2013, 20:30 GMT [Entry]

Then that means that..... Game of Throne all over again xD 
Incest lovers rejoice? :P 

Well I highly doubt that, tho you never know. 
I would tho totally buy that Isabel was lovers with Robert. ooh. surprised
How do you find that, fancy?

Or maybe Moira had an affair... ok j/k that would be too far as well I guess. xD 

But from the attitude of both of them it gotta be a love issue for sure of some sort. Or something deeply emotional, tho I wouldn't count or count out murder completely. 

Much interesting question is, now that Moira has returned, does Oliver stays as a CEO partner or Moira gets back at her position and if not at what exactly post she will be leading. And I wonder mostly will Oliver lean towards Felicity or stay with Isabel(which I prefer over Felicity atm, bcs she ended being much more lively interesting and deep character with the proper balance between dark and good in her FOR MY TASTE NEEDS personally). I don't know how are everyone else on that one, other than the "I'll even commit murder for Summer Glau if I have to" statement that I also share with everyone else here, but I mean I have some other sort of feel about Isabel on top of that layer, which is again thx to Summer's unique and great talent I am sure.

  Message #5 | Metal | 02 Dec 2013, 20:35 GMT [Entry]

I would nearly bet a 50 that the woman owed an apology is Felicity. From the looks on her face when she saw Isabel and Oliver after having sex, it was clear that she felt hurt.

  Message #6 | MattM | 02 Dec 2013, 22:18 GMT [Entry]

So if Isabel is Robert Queen's daughter, then that means... oh god, no.

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