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Summer talks ALTERNIS with

Summer talks ALTERNIS with
Summer talks ALTERNIS with

In another interview, with Jamie Lovett from this time, Summer talks about her exciting experience lending her voice talent to Serial Box's new series ALTERNIS. As usual, check out a few excerpts from the interview below and head over to for the full interview.


Can you tell me about more about the character of Tandy? Who she is and how you get into her headspace?

Absolutely. You know, Tandy resonates with me in particular. She has this dream. She has this world inside her mind, and she's creating it on her own, that she hasn't shared it with the world yet. And there's a part of her that doubts herself. And throughout the process of being thrown into the game, she's being criticized. They don't know that she's the creator of the game for a while through the story. And so not only does she have her self-doubt, but she's being faced with constant criticism. And she really struggles to decide to stand up for herself, to reveal herself, to take charge, to be the one to say, "No, I think we should go this way or that way." I really understand that.


I’ve always wondered about actors taking audiobook jobs because on one hand you’re narrating, which is acting but not really playing a character. But you’re also playing a character, because you’re narrating from Tandy’s point-of-view, but then you’re also performing dialogue for several other characters. It seems like a lot. How do you handle all of that?

Well thanks for asking. I've been asking myself that as well. I've kind of been watching myself go through the process. When I was sent the story and the idea, it was an immediate yes, because I listen to audiobooks and podcasts every chance I get. I absolutely love this medium. It works for me in my life right now, you know? I'm a mommy to two young girls, and I don't often get to sit down and watch a show like I used to. And so audio has really given me this new access. And I wanted to somehow find my way into storytelling this way.


Two episodes of the first season of Alternis have already been published. Each episode can be purchased at any time from Serial Box website for $1.99 (text and audio versions) or you can buy the whole season for $13.99


22 May 2019 | Tags: ebook, Alternis, audiobook
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