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Summer's Panel at Wizard World Austin: 'Firefly was my Favorite Family'

River Tam, Cameron Phillips, Orwell and  Isabel Rochev together...oops, I mean a pregnant Summer Glau attented a panel discussion on October 4, 2014 in Austin at the 2014 Wizard World Austin Comic Con! She was beautiful and simply awesome. She clearly enjoyed being in her home state Texas with her family and fiancé, and the fans had some pretty good questions, actually.
The video of Summer Glau's Q&A panel at this year's Wizard World Austin Comic Con, hosted by Aaron Sagers, has been posted online by Youtube user cultivi, in the wrong angle unfortunately but we rotated it for you.
In a room full of thrilled fans of all shapes and sizes (well okay, mostly filled with Jayne's hat and Kaylee cosplays), Summer answered fan's questions and shared many anecdotes from her experiences on set of TV shows such as Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Big Bang Theory, or more recently Arrow and her starring role on Crackle's thriller Sequestered or from her roles in movies such as Serenity, Superman/Barman Apocalypse or Knights of Badassdom.
We have listed some panel moments for you: Summer talks about the Firefly craze, even after more than a decade. She also mentioned the Firefly Online game (expected to be released during the Spring of 2015) and said "I did my part in the video game has the Firefly heart." When asked what was her favorite role, Summer said that she loved them all but Firefly would be her favorite family. She talked about her audition for the role of Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She also shared an amusing story about how her fiance helped her put on her Ravager costume in Arrow. Listen to the reaction of the audience when Summer mentions that Nathan Fillion hasn't invited her to play in Castle.
She also announced a scoop (at 22:35 of the video):  Jeff 1000, a short web series from WIRED Magazine, is scheduled to come out sometime in November. Summer was photographed on set of the Jeff 1000 pilot with Scream's David Arquette in June 2014.
Check out the video of Summer's panel at Wizard World Austin below:


Screen captures from the video have been added into the photo gallery. Find a sample below and head over to the gallery for the rest.

Summer Glau Panel at Wizard World AustinSummer Glau Panel at Wizard World AustinWizard World Austin Panel, October 4, 2014Summer Glau Panel at Wizard World Austin

Summer Glau Panel at Wizard World AustinSummer Glau Panel at Wizard World AustinSummer Glau Panel at Wizard World AustinSummer Glau Panel at Wizard World Austin

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Don't forget that the last six episodes of Crackle's legal drama Sequestered are due October 14. Each episode is only 23 minutes, there is still plenty of time to binge watch the first part of the series. 

06 Oct 2014
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 06 Oct 2014, 22:46 GMT

I'm a little bit surprised there isn't many photos of Summer this time. But the panel was interesting, so there's that.

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