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Summer looks mysterious yet sweet in new photoshoot by Marius Luppino

Summer Glau in new photoshoot by Marius Luppino
Summer Glau in new photoshoot by Marius Luppino

Enjoy our Summer looking mysterious yet innocent on a brand new photoshoot by Marius Luppino. The Sydney-based photographer shared on Instagram a beautiful black and white portrait of Summer.
The expression on her face shows why we love her portrayal of the troubled teenager River in 'Firefly' or of the fascinating Cameron in 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'. Also I love that Luppino mentioned Summer's adorable daughter Milena in the caption he added to the photo :-)

Loved pointing the lens at Summer Glau. Such a genuine person...with the cutest baby ever!!

LOL..I met and got along really well with her first...over about 2 weeks...and had NO IDEA who she was or what she was in etc. Never seen any of the shows. She was just really lovely...and her baby daughter was beyond cute and so well tempered. Just really lovely people.
We spoke about my friend Naomi and Summer looked through some of her shots I'd done as she is a ballet girl too. I must watch her shows!!

Summer Glau in new photoshoot by Marius Luppino


When asked if we can expect to see more photos of Summer, Luppino answered, "Perhaps...not sure yet". We'll definitely keep our fingers crossed!

Photo source: Marius Luppino

15 Oct 2016
Total comments: 7
  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 15 Oct 2016, 13:03 GMT

I love this shot and I'm glad Summer did it. Firstly because Luppino did a great job capturing Summer's beautiful yet mysterious soul but also because it means she hasn't completely retired from public life.

  Message #2 | enrico c039 | 15 Oct 2016, 15:21 GMT

Lovely shoot!!!

  Message #3 | KevinInEngland | 15 Oct 2016, 22:34 GMT

Agreed. She looks so very good.

  Message #4 | Fermi | 15 Oct 2016, 23:02 GMT

Really beautiful photo

  Message #5 | robbo | 17 Oct 2016, 02:39 GMT

Call me old-fashioned, but i've always admired these black-and-white photos. In a way it pleases the eye, they sort of tell the truth of how engaging and captivating Summer really looks with this beautiful photoshoot.

  Message #6 | Cammy | 18 Oct 2016, 13:48 GMT

  Message #7 | Admirator | 28 Oct 2016, 09:29 GMT

Super smile !

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