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Summer joined the Firefly panel via skype

Added by Fermi on May 11, 2013 | 15 COMMENTS

Some good news: even though Summer Glau lost her passport and was not able to make it to 2013 Ottawa Comic Con (Watch the video inwhich Summer apologizes to her fans and supporters), she was still able to join the Firefly panel via Skype.

Apparently catburglars -  burglars who enter buildings by climbing through upper windows, skylights - are to blame for the missing passport but it's still unclear wether it was a joke or not.

Here are reports from con-goers:


Shawn Gray
Summer Glau has joined us over Skype. She mostly repeated her apology for not coming and blamed her lost passport on catburglars.
Louise Foley
Summer apologised for cancelling and said she'd see us in Montreal in september. She sent a video apology (which you can find on the News).
Just got back from the con! What happened was that Summer had been planning to attend the Firefly panel with Jewel and Nathan early in the day. Obviously she couldn't -- but she skyped partway through the panel and talked via audio for a few minutes. She attributed her passport's disappearance to a cat burglar. "I have to get a new one," she added, and then Nathan and Jewel said, with "duh" voices, "Yeah, you do." The tone was delightful and light and pleasant, and it ended with Nathan saying "Suuummmmeeer!" in the style of the blooper real "Summer!" exclamation, and Summer seeming to be just the right annoyed/embarrassed/pleased mixture. It was a good panel.

Jewel Staite and Nathan Fillion at the Firefly panel:

Credit photo: @Magietagie

There was no stream of Nathan Fillion/Jewel Staite's panel and fans were not allowed to take pics of the guests outside the photo ops (or had to do it discreetly).

Speaking about catburglars, Julie Newmar, who played  Catwoman in the 60's Batman television series, was at the convention, just sayin' smiley

Julie Newmar at Ottawa Comiccon

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Total comments: 15

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2013 May 11, 23:29 GMT

Is that catburglar thing a joke or did really someone break into Summer's house?

  Message #2 | Fox012 | 2013 May 11, 23:33 GMT

So someone stole her passport / Identity ? surprised shok

thats not gonna end well... (for the burglar.. bb2 -->  alco )

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne | 2013 May 11, 23:34 GMT

The strange case of Summer Glau's missing passport, sounds like a job for Castle & Beckett.

  Message #4 | Fox012 | 2013 May 11, 23:40 GMT

No Chris.. it's a case for 

Summer Facing the Burglar..." thats my Passport.."  *draws gun* surprised wacko ;)

  Message #5 | Metal | 2013 May 11, 23:42 GMT

Lol at this comic con, apparently they are out of luck. :P 

1st Nathan now Summer. xD 
I can't help it but find it a little amusing. I sure wouldn't if I had bought a ticket for it, but then again I can never be sure. 
Anyways, not that I am, even seriously thinking this, but either Nathan & Summer are really not into going to that con or bad luck n some conspiracy is at hand with thieves going intro Summer's luggage. Tho I wouldn't be surprised customs or the sorts have lost her passport somewhere. 

Side note: I find it retarded you need a passport to travel between state to state as it is still in the same country. If for nothing else the EU at least you can travel free between countries in it with your id only.

  Message #6 | Metal | 2013 May 11, 23:45 GMT

Lol, I ve never seen this, lmao hard. xD

  Message #7 | Fox012 | 2013 May 11, 23:48 GMT

I don't know how you come to the conclusion that the USA and Canada are the same country wacko

they only on the same continent!

  Message #8 | Metal | 2013 May 12, 00:06 GMT

Well stress and other stuff . . . . 

But still it would've been way better for Summer and especially for Nathan as he has to travel a lot more between US & C in comparison, if they wouldn't need passes to go, yet a passport is way better than needing a visa. Either way I ve made another mistake sending Nathan to philadelphia again instead ottawa con  but nvm. :P 

I guess it was the wrong night to post for me. Anyways I guess I ll head out for tonight before I type some other none sense. 



  Message #9 | chrisdvanne | 2013 May 12, 00:07 GMT

It was probably a joke wink

  Message #10 | Fox012 | 2013 May 12, 00:10 GMT

Okay.. =)

  Message #11 | chrisdvanne | 2013 May 12, 00:11 GMT

Doesn't matter if you made mistakes wink

You may have noticed that we have decided to make a bit of fun of Summer's misadventures instead of lamenting. Apparently, Summer has decided to do the same by mentioning "catburglars".

  Message #12 | robbo | 2013 May 12, 01:43 GMT

wow `catburglars` probably wanting their `cravendale`back meow` wink

  Message #13 | ogy86 | 2013 May 12, 01:49 GMT

It is good that Summer has found the perpetrator, lol biggrin

  Message #14 | chrisdvanne | 2013 May 12, 07:28 GMT

Another fan who attented the Firefly panel confirmed that Summer explained her absence and apologized for not being there.

No new information on the catburglar unfortunately wink

  Message #15 | Fox012 | 2013 May 12, 12:24 GMT

in Recent news... "Studio City,CA a yet unidentified Cat burglar ( ninja )  was found lying bleeding in an alley  alco in the district of Studio city, CA no further information are Available yet!"  lol haha

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