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Summer interview with News On 6

'Firefly' Star Summer Glau Excited For Tulsa Pop Culture Expo
'Firefly' Star Summer Glau Excited For Tulsa Pop Culture Expo

In preparation for her Tulsa Pop Culture Expo appearance in November, Summer did a short interview with Tulsa's TV station News on 6. In the article, she talks about Firefly's cult status, her special bond with her fans and and looking forward to coming to Tulsa. Check out an excerpt from the interview below and visit News on 6 website for the full interview.


“I certainly never could have envisioned that our fanbase would have resurrected it and turned it into a film. And most people who know Firefly now saw the film first and then went and watched the series,” she said.

“It’s a privilege,” Glau said of coming to the conventions. “I feel a connection with them, and I think that they feel a connection with me. Even from the very beginning of my career, it’s sort of like how I felt in my Firefly family, even when I was a newcomer and had no business being there, they loved me and supported me, and I’ve always felt that way with the fans as well,” she said.

21 Sep 2018 | Tags: News on 6, Tulsa
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