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Summer Glau reflects on Joss Whedon, sci-fi women and River's edge.

Added by Fermi on May 03, 2011 | 5 COMMENTS

Noelene Clark had an interesting talk with Summer Glau about Firefly.

"NC: Eight years after "Firefly” was abruptly canceled, what’s it like to know that the show is finally airing in order, in its entirety?”

"SG: I’ve been getting a lot of people coming up to me, saying that they love that it’s back on…. We had our fair share of obstacles, but in the end, I think that people really understood the heart of our story and still love it even today.”

"NC: About that connection with your audience — did you ever worry that people wouldn’t connect with River Tam, or for that matter, with Cameron in Sarah Connor Both characters are sort of programmed and have to prove their humanity."

"SG: I think that River and Cam are actually opposites in a way, because they both do have a difficult time connecting to people, but are extremely different in how they express that obstacle."

Summer also talks about her upcoming movie The Knights Of Badassdom.

It’s really a love letter to LARPers, and we had a blast shooting it."

Continue reading the interview over at Hero Complex.

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Total comments: 5

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2011 May 04, 00:34 GMT

Even if her roles characters are not too much sexualized, you must admit that tv director's camera have often made shots where the camera lingers on Summer's body (TSCC and The Cape.
But essentially what i said was an attempt at making a joke biggrin

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 2011 May 03, 23:19 GMT

Great interview indeed. This must be because this interview is not made for promoting a show. While promoting The Cape for example, we had the feeling that the interviewer asked the same question and Summer's answers were repetitive.
That is not the case here and we learn a lot of things from the acting and working process on a tv set.

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne | 2011 May 03, 23:22 GMT

NC:" A lot of times in sci-fi, the female characters are overt sex symbols, like Barbarella. But the characters we’ve seen you play, though feminine, seem much more subtle"
Summer Glau : "I’ve never taken roles that I felt were very overtly sexualized, because I just don’t connect to it."

That might change after FHM release the results of its Top 100 Sexiest Women contest.

  Message #4 | Fermi | 2011 May 03, 23:49 GMT

lol what do you mean by that. You want Summer to play Barbarella?

Summer will most likely continue taking the roles she connect with regardless what a list in some magazine says.

  Message #5 | Granite | 2011 May 03, 21:46 GMT

interview is detailed, interesting, in fact smile

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