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Summer Glau interview The Age

Added by Fermi on Apr 12, 2012 | 5 COMMENTS

The Age is a daily broadsheet newspaper which has been published in Melbourne, Australia since 1854. They recently had a nice phone conversation with Summer Glau.

Supanova Pop Culture Expo is to be held this weekend (April 13-15 2012) in Melbourne and next weekend (April 20-22) on the Gold Coast. Summer said that she likes going to fan conventions for many reasons, but one of the main reason is that she gets the opportunity to say thank you, to the people who have supported her career. She also talks about how she finds an imaginative connection with her characters, she says that for some reason the characters that she often plays like killer robots and misfit geniuses are more comfortable for her than playing the girl next door.

Read the entire interview where Summer talks more about her career at

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Total comments: 5

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Apr 12, 23:31 GMT

While Summer Glau says she doesn't prepare and document herself that much when she gets a role, her approach is always the correct one, as underlined many times by Joss Whedon and Josh Friedman.
This only confirms Summer Glau is one of the most talented actress of her generation, she just lacks the lttle extar fame among the general audience that brings a successful show or movie on a mainstream media. Unfortunately, this is the only way to get hired by Hollywood producers for bigger projects.

  Message #2 | Blazius | 2012 Apr 12, 23:35 GMT

I love the part about her acting technique. Thats exactly how I see Summer approaching her roles. I was also right in that her ballet experience is a huge factor in why she is such a brilliant actress.

She also speaks again about her sci-fi roles. Does this mean that she cancelled her branching out process or she simply says this again to explain her previous sci-fi heavy era?

Also "trapped animal body language"? Lol
Poor River smile

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Apr 12, 23:39 GMT

My opinion is that she's dying to play normal girls in non genre roles but she must also compose with the roles she's been offered.

  Message #4 | Blazius | 2012 Apr 13, 00:03 GMT

Its not even consistent what she is saying about this. Once she is dying to play mature normal girls( curiously just before DHM and The Cape) then she loves sci-fi because of bed time stories but now that changed to childhood. Its a bit obvious when she is PR talking. I'm not saying that she is flat out lying about her childhood( for all we know she could even do that though), its just that its relation to her chosen roles isn't true.

  Message #5 | Blazius | 2012 Apr 13, 00:29 GMT

Its very certain that she doesn't prepare much. If she had to spend much time preparing and planning, you'd never see the kind of performances she does in her every single role. Thats because as opposed to your every day average actor Summer has a natural affinity towards this job. She is to acting as Mozart to music, a kind of genious who can spontaniusly create master pieces with next to no practice.

Thats why Summers acting feels so natural. She doesn't plan and elaborate on what kind of expression would cause the intended effect on the audience. Those kind of actors are the ones who tend to overplay a character, because they are trying too hard and it makes their acting unnatural and even comical sometimes.

But what Summer does is more complex because she doesn't simply wait for a reaction, she tries to think with the head of the character, finds out what kind of expressions are matching with their personality, environment, circumstances etc. But she does this effortlessly because its as much an instinct to her as a conscious decision.

If it depended on me TBH I'd kick every impostor out of business and I'd hire people only who can act in the way Summer does.
I think that there are people actually who have similar abilities as Summer but IMO they are so repressed by this ridiculous industry that only Summer was lucky enough to get a chance( and even she is struggling to get further on the ladder)

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