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Summer attends day 2 of Emerald City Comic Con

First images of Summer from Emerald City Comic Con
First images of Summer from Emerald City Comic Con

Today is day 2 of Emerald City Comic Con and kicks off the 2018 convention season for Summer! The Firefly pair Summer Glau and Sean Maher will team up for photo ops, autograph sessions and panels (details below) at the WA State Convention Center in Seattle. If you're lucky enough to be attending ECCC then we hope you have a great time and please feel free to share your photos/impressions with us. Not everyone can make it to downtown Seattle for ECCC, we get it, this is why we have collected for you the first images of Summer from the show. Enjoy!

The Firefly duo photo op session is at 12:15 PM, while Summer's solo photo op session is at 2:45 PM. The Firefly stars will take the stage twice today, the first panel is at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, Main Stage - WSCC 4A, and the second one at 4:45 PM - 5:15 PM, ECCC Live Stage - Booth 1850.

We will have numerous photos of Summer to share throughout the weekend, so please stay tuned and check back on a regular basis! Thank you all for sharing!

I got to meet the Tams! #simon #river #firefly #seanmaher #summerglau #ecccSummer attends day 2 of Emerald City Comic ConThe awww levels are out of this verse. Firefly panel with Summer Glau & @Sean_M_Maher at #ECCC
Summer Glau on stage at #ECCC #Firefly #Serenity
Summer Glau on stage at #ECCC #Firefly #Serenity
Hey girl, part 2. Hall of fame #1.

Pictures courtesy of : kideternityiamnotabrush@ClareKramer  | @nerdycurious | @FrogPhoto | thefastestant


Read below a few impressions from the Firefly panel, thanks to panel moderator @ClareKramer :

And the #Firefly panel has begun @emeraldcitycon! Summer Glau and @Sean_M_Maher are telling us about how they each had just 2 pages to audition with.

Clare: “How did you two establish that sibling bond?”
@Sean_M_Maher: “We didn’t.”
Summer Glau: “I just followed you around.

Clare: Do you work from the inside out, as an actress, or does the hair and the makeup help you get into character? Summer Glau: That’s a great question - it depends... you? @Sean_M_Maher: That is such a great question ... I don’t know...

Fan: What was your favorite scene with @NathanFillion? @Sean_M_Maher: ... When I punched him?

What would Summer Glau want for River in #Firefly novelizations and comics? “I’d want River to comb her hair ... maybe find some shoes...”

What would @Sean_M_Maher want for Simon in #Firefly novelizations or comics? “I always just wanted babies with Kaylee ... and there would be Auntie River, who we would NEVER leave them alone with.”

  Summer Glau tells us about the backstage monkey that Nathan Fillion has on #Firefly set. #ECCC


Here's a clip from the Firefly panel. The full Firefly panel is available here.



Summer always tries to make every person feel special, so getting to see her might take a bit of time, but it's worth it! Or else, you also have the whole day tomorrow and the day after to meet her. 

If you attended Emerald City Comic Con this weekend and would like to donate your photos I would love to share your photos and experiences meeting the Firefly stars on the site, so please feel free to email me at – Full credit will be given.

More photos of Summer and reports from the convention will be posted in the Emerald City Comic Con 2018 forum thread.

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