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Summer at The Late Late Show

Great news! Summer Glau will be a guest on late-night talk show The Late Late Show hosted by Craig Ferguson on CBS.

According to the list of upcoming guests published at CBS's website, the show with Summer Glau is scheduled to air this Friday, November 15  at 12:35am/11:35pm C. 

Summer Glau at The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson


It's great to see that Summer Glau is back in the limelight, thanks to her recurring role in The CW superhero drama Arrow. 

Thanks to @JohnHen59744684 for the heads up.

11 Nov 2013
Total comments: 6
  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 12 Nov 2013, 00:20 GMT

I don't want to sound rude but which actor from Arrow has already been invited to The Late Late Show?

What I mean is that Summer Glau is not only a great addition to the show because of her acting chops but also because online blogger and TV shows hosts will want to interview her. That is free advertising for the show.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 12 Nov 2013, 09:13 GMT

I wonder if this appearance in one of the most well-known talk show is related to Summer screen test for a lead role in a TV serie.

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 12 Nov 2013, 15:24 GMT

It's unlikely. We shouldn't have heard about the details of her cancellation of Supanova in the first place.
Summer Glau had to tell the team behind Supanova why she couldn't attend. But they shouldn't have published the details as they did, that's not how it works.

  Message #4 | MattM | 12 Nov 2013, 21:31 GMT

Okay. But either way, we may find out in the future.

  Message #5 | MattM | 11 Nov 2013, 18:48 GMT

Calendar is marked. I'm greatly looking forward to seeing her. smile

  Message #6 | MattM | 12 Nov 2013, 15:13 GMT

I'm wondering if she's going to bring that up, too. I'm curious of what she auditioned for.

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