Special AIDS WORLD DAY and new image

01 Dec 2012
Fermi 6 Comments

If you are on facebook please like the official facebook page of Inside the box. For each new like they will receive in the next 48 hours (until Monday 12/3 at 11:30AM LA time) they will donate $1 to the HIV/AIDS clinic of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.

Let's fight AIDS together join the Special AIDS WORLD DAY campaign here: insidetheboxmovie

The official facebook page of Inside the box also posted a new image from the movie:


Inside The Box

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Summer Glau and Wilson Bethel, a marriage threatened by a secret.

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  Message #1 | robbo | 03 Dec 2012, 04:13 GMT

i also will like it awesome cool

  Message #2 | TerminatorEmily | 03 Dec 2012, 05:00 GMT

WOOHOO!!!! *ahem* biggrin biggrin

  Message #3 | Choupy | 02 Dec 2012, 13:17 GMT

I like the official facebook page of Inside the box.


  Message #4 | TerminatorEmily | 02 Dec 2012, 16:31 GMT

I will like it! biggrin

  Message #5 | KevinInEngland | 16 Dec 2012, 15:19 GMT

I thought I would check something out. Wilson Bethel was once married and is apparently a ladies man. ("Oh Summer, you are so shallow LOL"). His wife apparently appeared in a later episode of Hart Of Dixie.

In the recent film Help For The Holidays, the kids uncle & Elfy Christine's love interest, is married in real life.

I mentioned this because I was interested to know whether the men that played opposite Summer had to fit a certain criteria before she would agree to the part. Apparently it might be what she considers good looks and what she finds nice about a man? Or is it purely her acting a part. I feel pretty sure that these leads have to have a certain amount of (what's that french word Chris? sounds like shernay de kwar).

  Message #6 | chrisdvanne | 16 Dec 2012, 16:51 GMT

Does Summer has something to say about the casting choice or is it the prerogative of the director and casting director?
I'm the opinion that an actress doesn't necessarily need to find her co-star attractive to kiss him, but that' just me.
"sounds like shernay de kwar" : i have no idea what you're refering to, sorry

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