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Serenity Making Of - Summer Glau. Fighting. With swords. In dancewear.

The Serenity special features titled 'A Filmmaker's Journey - Journey with Joss from Script to Screen', taken from the Blu-ray, is a mesh of table readings, outtakes, behind the scenes footage, peeks at training and fight choreography, and interviews with the cast and crew. It showcases the camaraderie of the cast as well as going into some detail on Summer's training and the editing process. For all you Summer Glau fan boys, there's a solid four minutes about her fight scene training that are just amazing.

View the Serenity featurette and the screen captures of Summer Glau below.

Serenity blu-ray extraSerenity blu-ray extraSerenity blu-ray extraSerenity blu-ray extraSerenity blu-ray extraSerenity blu-ray extra

15 Jul 2015
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 15 Jul 2015, 19:44 GMT

It's so good to see the entire cast having so much fun while filming the movie.
Also I think all the River/Jayne shippers will die of a happy stroke at one particular part...(at 17:25 of the video).

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