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Serenity extras: cast commentary

Serenity commented by Joss Whedon and Summer Glau, Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion

Our friend Hans Schittly send us the video of the audio commentary of Serenity featuring director Joss Whedon and cast Summer Glau, Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion filmed together chatting about the film. Here's your chance to learn if Summer really grabbed Adam's man parts in the bar fight scene (at 35:00 of the video).

Summer is naturally such a quiet person, and Ron is barely in the film, so most of this commentary is dominated by Joss, Nathan, and Adam, and they are great fun to listen to. There are moments when the group is just acting silly, but much of it is quite informative and fun to watch (sorry about the poor video quality and asynchronous video and audio though).


The audio commentary itself  was included as a bonus feature in the DVD released on August 2007 while the video version was added to the extras of the Serenity Blu-ray released on December 2008 under the form of a picture-in-picture visual commentary.

Note that you can watch this commentary via the U-Control feature of the Serenity Blu-ray, or listen to it as a straight audio-only track. 

A huge thank you to Hans for allowing every fan to watch Joss Whedon and some of the cast have fun commenting Serenity.

04 Jan 2016
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