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Serenity Deleted Scenes: More River Tam

Find below deleted scenes from the Serenity Blu-ray, including a few scenes with Summer Glau as River Tam.

Serenity Deleted ScenesSerenity Deleted ScenesSerenity Deleted ScenesSerenity Deleted ScenesSerenity Deleted ScenesSerenity Deleted Scenes

Here's the list of the deleted scenes, as well as a short description.

– "Extended Lilac Entrance” – More River on the mule.
– “Extended Kaylee And Jayne” – Kaylee talking to Jayne as he cleans up Reaver bits.
– “Inara And Sheydra” – Inara and Sheydra scene from the Companion Training House.
– “Operative Tracks Mal” – The Operative researches mal and discovers a weakness.
– “Extended River And Simon/Haven Opening” – River sees death for everyone. Longer Haven sequence, longer Mal and Book scene.
– “Escape From The Companion Training House” – Mal and Inara's escape from ther Training House, and the uses of a fake grenade.
– “Mal And Inara Shuttle Chase” – Longer scene.
– “Mal And Inara Quiet Moment” – Mal and Inara talking in Inara's shuttle.
– “Extended Mal And Operative Coda” – Longer final scene with the Operative.

20 Jul 2015
Total comments: 3
  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 20 Jul 2015, 19:26 GMT

Many Mal/Inara scenes were cut in the editing room....hey, there's nothing wrong with Mal/Inara goodness smile

  Message #2 | robbo | 21 Jul 2015, 01:20 GMT

Great selection of deleted scenes from Serenity, one does wonder why so many get deleted I suppose under the circumstances of so much filming involved scenes etc, it's a shame like I thought Summer's scenes where fine especially with 'River's thoughts bewildering Mal' classic River.

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 21 Jul 2015, 05:55 GMT

It would've been nice if these deleted scenes had been included, but they weren't vital to the story. Serenity editor Lisa Lassek did a good job.

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