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Serenity Cast Photoshoot - Gallery Update

We have updated a 2005 Serenity promotional photoshoot with a HQ picture that slipped under the radar of the fan sites until now. And since the current events regarding Summer's career are slow because of her pregnancy, we take this opportunity to put the spotlight on this amazing shoot featuring the cast of Joss Whedon's Serenity in a bar.

'Serenity' Cast PhotoShoot - 2005

Here are two other images from the same photoshoot and visit the gallery for the rest.
'Serenity' Cast Photo Shoot - 2005'Serenity' Cast Photo Shoot - 2005
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The Big Damn Heroes look a fair bit different out of costume. For example, Adam Baldwin shaved off the beard he was wearing in the movie, Jewel Staite has lost the few extra pounds she puts on for the part, Morena Baccarin's hair are shorter than Inara's, Ron Glass is dealing with the problem of having "too much hair" by adopting a different hairstyle. And while all the women look ridiculously sexy in those photos, Summer in that black that's shiny!
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