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Sequestered Spoilers: Title Explained, Relations Between Characters and Video Scene

Spoilers on Crackle's thriller 'Sequestered'

We are excited to see Summer Glau tackle a new role in Crackle's upcoming legal drama "Sequestered". And since the 12 episode web series is scheduled to air on Crackle in August 2014 only, how about some spoilers to tide you over until then?
Spoilers on Summer Glau's role in Sequestered leave much to be desired. However, on set photos of Summer as well as production stills released online, behind-the-scenes shots of the filming and news on the casting have provided an overview of the locations, the atmostphere and a general insight into the series's plots and the role of some of the actors.
We have collected for your more specific spoilers, including a major plot twist that explains the title of the series, relations between some of the actors and even a short video of the filming of a scene in a gay club.

Heather Dubrow on her role and the title of the series.

In an interview for OK! magazine, The Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow reveals which role she plays and why the show is called "Sequestered". 
I'm now working on a new series called "Sequestered" for the Crackle network. I am one of the jurors. I am actually the alternate juror but in the pilot episode one of the regular jurors gets killed...which is why the group gets sequestered. And then all this chaos falls in. This woman is like this bitter divorcee, she's horrible, it's a great part.
You can watch the part of the interview where Heather Dubrow talks about her role in Sequestered on the forum.

Jesse Bradford on the relation between his character and Bruce Davison's.

Jesse Bradford on the relation between his character and Bruce Davison's in Sequestered

We don't know which role he's playing on the show but Jesse Bradford posted a photo on his Instagram where he reveals that his character is the son of the character played by Bruce Davison.
Check out the photo on the side and the accompagnying comment below:
How cool is it that the great Bruce Davison played my dad in "Far From Home" 20 years ago and after much coercion, blackmail and water boarding I've convinced him to do it again!!


More generally, it's tempting to say that actors from the show who are paired in behind-the-scenes images released online have scenes together on the show; it applies to Summer Glau and Ryan McPartlin, to Jesse Bradford and James Maslow, or to Patrick Warburton and Dina Meyer.

Video of the filming of a gay club scene.

Last spoiler for today, here's a short video from a gay club scene shot at Lacy Street Studio, Los Angeles. You can see the camera man and the sound recordist crossing the dance floor from left to right.

We hope these spoilers will have you excited to watch Sequestered when it will be released on Crackle. Hopefully, more informations about Summer's role will surface soon.
Tune in to “Sequestered” airing sometime in August 2014 on Crackle to see what kind of drama awaits the actors in this exciting thriller.
03 Jun 2014
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