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Sequestered 1.01 Pilot 'Twelve Strangers' - Captures and Clips

Added by chrisdvanne on Aug 05, 2014 | 1 COMMENTS

From today, the first six of the 12-episode web series "Sequestered", starring Summer Glau as jury member Anna, are available for free on Crackle website and on many devices,  including iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and smart TVs.
The remaining six episodes of Crackle's new legal drama, each lasting an average of 24 minutes, will be arriving October 14, 2014.
It is great to see Summer tackle a non-genre role and she is convincing as always. In 'Twelve Strangers', Summer Glau has a decent amount of screen time, considering the pilot introduces the story and the (many) characters. The jury's deliberations have given raise to heated discussions, especially between Summer Glau and Heather Dubrow's characters. On the opposite, Anna and Ryan McPartlin's character Ryan formed friendly relations. The pilot episode ends with a cliffhanger that will force Anna to make life-changing decisions.
Anyway, we have added to the Photo Gallery screen captures of Summer in "Twelve Strangers", as well as clips of Summer's scenes. Be aware of spoilers when viewing the clips. Previews and links are below, enjoy!

Pilot 1x01 'Twelve Strangers' screencapsPilot 1x01 'Twelve Strangers' screencapsPilot 1x01 'Twelve Strangers' screencapsPilot 1x01 'Twelve Strangers' screencaps

Gallery link:
- TV Shows (incl Web series) > Sequestered (2014) > Pilot 1x01 'Twelve Strangers' screencaps
Check out this short clip of the first day of deliberations and see who is voting guilty and who is voting not guilty. More videos are up in the video section.

Gallery link:
- Videos » Movies/Shows » Sequestered
Since Sequestered is a highly addictive series, since Crackle is free, and since the episodes are only 23 minutes or so, we have no doubt you'll want to binge-watch the first six episodes.
As for us, we will be publishing screen captures and clips from each episode on a daily basis.
What did you think of the pilot episode of "Sequestered"? Share your thoughts below and take on our poll, What did you think of Sequestered 1x01 'Twelve Strangers'?

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Total comments: 1

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2014 Aug 05, 19:42 GMT

Note to non American fans: For years, you have not been able to support Summer Glau TV shows through viewing figures.
In this case, you can watch Sequestered on Crackle's website using a third party application, such as VPNs. We can't be sure your views will be counted in the total number of views but I think it's worth a try.

More importantly, I guess you know that online or network channels give great importance to social media impact; basically, they measure the number of times people are talking about a show on social medias such as Twitter or Facebook.

This is why it's very important to TALK about Summer appearance on the show, preferably in a positive way. And if you're too lazy to do that, an easy way is simply to re-tweet me from time to time. That's me on Twitter: @chrisdvanne

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