No Fate Fan Campaigns and Browncoats Redemption

As there is not so much Summer Glau related news. We take the opportunity to advertise for the fan campaigns that is being held for TSCC and the new browncoat movie.


When Firefly got canceled devoted fans rallied and actually got Summer Glau back as River Tam, kicking ass in the motion picture called Serenity. Will the TSCC fancampaigns also succeed? Will we see Summer Glau continue her brilliant acting as Cameron/Allison in a direct-to-DVD movie? Will we get our closure?

Give your opinion in our new poll (look on you left side) or in the comments.

The season finale of Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles ended on a cliffhanger with many unanswered questions. Fans campaigned hard for the shows renewal, but the money greedy suits at fox still decided to cancel the show. organized a massive campaign directed at Warner Bros called the Freaking Big Push. To convince them to bring back the show.

Check out this fan accomplishment:

The billboard wasn’t quite freaking big enough. Therefore a convention for The Sarah Connor Chronicles will organized, May 11-13, 2012 in Pasadena, CA

For more information visit their homepage

To buy tickets


Another big TSCC fan accomplishment is No Fate Production's Terminator: The Connor Chronicles!

They are making a Computer-generated imagery (CGI) continuation of TSCC.

Here is their 3d model of Summer Glau.

3d model of Summer Glau

If you have experience with 3D modeling program (e.g. Blender, Maya, 3DS Max et. al.) check the site. They are recruiting CGI staff right now.

No fate but what we make.


A Firefly fan accomplishment  is Browncoats: Redemption a by Joss Whedon blessed Firefly Fan Film supporting the charities of the cast of Firefly/Serenity which has raised over $40,000.

The film premiered at Dragon*Con 2010 in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit

See The final trailer:

If you want to discuss the movie check the dedicated  browncoat thread in our forum.


18 May 2011
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  Message #1 | Fermi | 24 May 2011, 22:48 GMT [Entry]

I changed the news to include Browncoats: Redemption which also is a huge fan accomplishment.
See the news and forum thread

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 21 May 2011, 01:45 GMT [Entry]

Hey, if i support this project by donating $1000 or more i will have a "producer" credit on the film.

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 19 May 2011, 02:05 GMT [Entry]

I would like to have a continuation of TSCC (with Summer Glau as Cameron of course) under any form, preferably Direct-to-DVD Movie, as most of this wiki members i suppose; i have even donated for the mobile billboard campaign.
But i have voted "No" to the "Do you think we will get a TSCC continuation?" poll.

  Message #4 | TerminatorEmily | 04 Nov 2012, 01:00 GMT [Entry]


  Message #5 | Jay | 15 Nov 2012, 11:59 GMT [Entry]

They seriously need to bring this amazing show back, If it were CGI I'd prefer that characters to have voice's of those who done them in the TV series. It's like having £/$1million sat in the corner of you room and not doing anything with it.

  Message #6 | chrisdvanne_ | 15 Nov 2012, 12:37 GMT [Entry]

After the success of this year Comic-Con panel and Science Channel 10th Anniversary special, i'm sure people in Hollywood are thinking about a continuation (or a prequel); in all likelyhood as an animated series or as comics.

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