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River Tam figure in the next Firefly Loot Crate!

River Tam figure in the next Firefly Loot Crate!
River Tam figure in the next Firefly Loot Crate!

The good folks at Loot Crate have just announced the release of their next Firefly Cargo Crate, "No Power in the 'Verse", featuring our favorite psychic genius River Tam and filled with Summer Glau-related goodies.

If you haven’t heard, Loot Crate & QMx got together to create a Firefly themed by-mail subscription box. Each box features a different character from the show and includes an exclusive QMx “Little Damn Heroes” figure inside, among other shiny goodies.

Hop aboard Serenity to get a cute never-before-seen River Tam Little Damn Heroes figure, cunning T-Shirt and more (the full list of the collectibles and wearables included in the crate will be published later)!

River Tam figure in the next Firefly Loot Crate!

Sign up for the Firefly Cargo Crate - engineered by Quantum Mechanix (QMx) and powered by Loot Crate - by May 15th or find out more!

So just how excited for this very shiny news are you Browncoats? Let us know in the comments below!

18 Mar 2017
Total comments: 2
  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 18 Mar 2017, 13:20 GMT

I'm aware some of you would have preferred the pose with the blades from Serenity, but I welcome the choice of this cool River Tam statue from the Firefly episode 1.05 "Safe" because this shows River. This is who she was before the Alliance messed with her.

  Message #2 | Michael "Browncoat fan" | 26 Mar 2017, 04:54 GMT

This is one of the crates that I have most been looking forward to. Most of the previous crates have been top notch and I look forward to seeing what they have come up with for the River Tam crate. As for the mini master of River, I applaud QMx for not taking the obvious blades route and instead giving us a real master showing the character behind the weapon. Loved this episode for showing us some of River's back story and allowing us to see a bit of the girl underneath. I know I will enjoy having it when I get my crate.

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