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Recap of the Firefly Panel at Dallas Comic Con

Added by chrisdvanne on May 19, 2014 | 1 COMMENTS

It's been an awesome weekend at this year's Dallas Comic Con. It was great seeing Summer Glau and her Firefly co-stars Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Ron Glass and Sean Maher together again. Judging from the images and impressions we have collected, the Firefly alumni certainly had a lot of fun in Dallas.
The highlight of the Sunday, and last day of the convention, was without a doubt the Firefly Q&A panel scheduled at 12:00 pm in Hall D, it was a dream come true for all Browncoats.
Recap of the Firefly Panel at Dallas Comic Con
Firefly cast Q&A panel at Dallas Comic Con.
Find below a few excerpts from the review of the Firefly panel, written by Shana Lieberman for
Summer Glau, Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres at the Firefly panel at Dallas Comic Con
Summer Glau, Nathan
Fillion and Gina Torres
at the Firefly panel.
Though I had attended a similar gathering at a different convention, this particular time around was really something even more special to behold.  Perhaps it was the fact that all 4500 available seats were filled to the point where what looked like hundreds of fans came and stood in the back, just to be able to be there.  Perhaps it was that series creator Joss Whedon himself sent along a video message, which was played on the in-house monitors, just before the cast was introduced.  It could have been that this was one of the most complete cast gatherings since the series was canceled — the whole crew was originally scheduled to attend, but Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin had to cancel due to their filming schedules.
One of the funniest moments came when a fan asked what the cast thought of things like fanfiction and fan creations in general, and Jewel Staite mentioned that fanfiction was “…weird because sometimes it can get a little kinky,” and Sean Maher asked if there was anything out there that finally got Simon and Jayne together.  Adam Baldwin’s (nonverbal) response to this was absolutely priceless, and there was a rather long pause for everyone to appreciate that reaction and have a few laughs before we moved on.  All of THAT happened after Summer Glau’s response to fan creations (her favorites were paper mache and cross stitch projects given to her by fans) was interrupted….by a surprise phone call from Alan Tudyk!

Firefly cast at Dallas Comic Con
Photo op with the Firefly
cast at Dallas Comic Con
At one point, a fan asked the crew asked for everyone’s favorite memories of Whedon.  Jewel Staite and Sean Maher shared a hilarious story about dressing Joss up in disguise, in order to go dancing at a convention after-party back in November; and Summer Glau mentioned dancing with him in Spain.  Apparently, Joss is hard to stop once he starts dancing and is actually quite good at it.
And, without further ado, here are the final words of each member of the Serenity’s crew so you can experience them for yourselves:
-Ron Glass:  “I’m really looking forward to next time! [to the crew] Thank you all for being here.  I haven’t seen you guys enough.”
-Sean Maher: “I love y’all something fierce…and every one of these people up here on this stage right now.
-Summer Glau was short, sweet, and to the point:  “I’m happy to be home. Thanks, guys.”
-Gina Torres:  “I love seeing you all. You honor me by your presence here. You honor me by keeping this all going. You bless me by giving me the opportunity to be united with all of these incredible people that I love and I miss. So, good to see you. Thank you.”
-Adam Baldwin:  “I am so proud to be a part of this cast. It is one of the most beautiful casts and heartwarming groups of people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing….To me, when I think of Firefly, all I have to think of is love. Because that’s what keeps this thing going.
-And last, but absolutely never least…Nathan Fillion:  “To all you guys out there who have a very special place in your hearts for Firefly, I get it.  I love it. And I am blessed. I love you all. [to the crew] I love you all more, all together. You guys are a big deal to me. Thank you very much.

Read the full Firefly panel review at
Watch more images of Summer Glau and the Firefly crew in the Gallery.
Watch a video of the Serenity's crew final words in the forum.

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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2014 May 19, 13:59 GMT

Hey, fans who attended the Firefly panel at Dallas Comic Con, anyone knows what Summer Glau answered when the
cast was asked which questions they were tired of being asked?

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