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Promo for next Monday's Castle featuring Summer

Promo for next week's episode of Castle featuring Summer Glau

Take a look at Summer as private investigator Kendall Frost in the promo for Castle 8.14 'The G.D.S.'. This episode of Castle marks the return of Summer to the small screen and will reunite her with her Firefly co-star Nathan Fillion. Sneak peeks for the 14th episode of Castle will be available this week and hopefully we will get more scenes with Summer.

Meanwhile catch a glimpse of Summer in the promo trailer for Castle 8.14 'The G.D.S.'.

Castle 8.14 'The G.D.S.' TrailerCastle 8.14 'The G.D.S.' TrailerCastle 8.14 'The G.D.S.' TrailerCastle 8.14 'The G.D.S.' Trailer

'The G.D.S.' will air on ABC on Monday, March 7 at 10:01-11:00 p.m. EST,.so mark your calendar!

01 Mar 2016
Total comments: 6
  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 01 Mar 2016, 09:37 GMT

Summer Glau and Toks Olagundoye are dressed to impress in the promo for next Monday's Castle!

  Message #2 | KevinInEngland | 01 Mar 2016, 16:26 GMT

I guess there's no point in my mentioning that clip of Summer and the other lady in black reminds us of...........

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 01 Mar 2016, 16:46 GMT

I'm (almost) as obsessed with TSCC as you are but to be honest I hadn't thought about that scene.

For those who have no idea what we're talking about, look here:

Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles - Episode Stills & BTS Pictures - Season 2

  Message #4 | KevinInEngland | 01 Mar 2016, 17:24 GMT

Yes, that's right.  I was thinking of this: (As they leave Dakara Systems).

  Message #5 | Cammy | 01 Mar 2016, 22:43 GMT

Beat me to it! Too bad I have to wait for a torrent of this episode, they don't air the newest Castle episodes here  cry

  Message #6 | REG | 02 Mar 2016, 09:25 GMT

Summer looking so elegant! <3

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