Press Release: Scent Of The Missing

04 Nov 2011
Fermi 5 Comments

There is an official press release online about TNT new drama pilot Scent Of The Missing with the casting announcing of the four-legged stars. Summer Glau will play Sedona a member of the rescue team.

Jackson is a golden retriever that started his acting career as a puppy in Disney’s Treasure Buddies.

He will play Puzzle and he is really thrilled about it. Like Puzzle, Jackson loves to work and is learning search and rescue techniques and training to do his own stunts. Jackson is especially looking forward to be being partnered with Tricia Helfer.



Bolt from Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 is a Saint Bernard/Australian Shepherd mix.

He been cast as Shadow, a rubber ball obsessed, uber energetic search and rescue dog teamed up with Eric Winter, who plays Jake, a firefighter. They’ll make a great team.




Sam is a German Shepherd who is a Hollywod veteran. He appeared in Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua 1&2 as Delgado. He will play Chaos, the newest member of the search and rescue team, not be the most experienced, but a invaluable asset to the team. He can’t believe his luck in being partnered with Summer Glau and is especially grateful that his love of salmon jerky was written into the script. 




Read the press release here: deadline

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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 21 Nov 2011, 09:56 GMT

I remember i have read an interview of Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk himself) saying that even a 6.5 ft muscular actor can be faded on screen by either children actors or animals.
Though i wonder if Lou is really a reference in regards to acting performance biggrin

  Message #2 | Staysha | 24 Nov 2011, 00:23 GMT

Great stuff, you hepeld me out so much!

  Message #3 | Fermi | 04 Nov 2011, 15:21 GMT

My mother loves this kind of shows. I love dogs too and Summer.

  Message #4 | Nomad79 | 04 Nov 2011, 17:22 GMT

Yeah! This show might be pretty decent, my mother has a wolf mixed with akida, named Nikki. She's really pretty with a white coat, wolf features are dominant. Hope Summer does good on this new show.

  Message #5 | FordStaff | 06 Nov 2011, 10:57 GMT

Hopefully the animals on set will not hold Summer back, but I am sure she could handle anything thrown her way at this point.

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