Press Release: Grey's Anatomy 8x16

Here is the press release for Grey's Anatomy 8x16 If Only You Were Lonely.
If Only You Were Lonely– As Adele's condition continues to deteriorate, Richard considers altering their living situation; an explosion at a local coffee shop results in a busy day in the ER for the doctors; Callie takes Meredith under her wing by helping her study for her boards; Lexie joins Arizona and Alex in peds, as they continue to care for intern Morgan’s premature son; and when Jackson snaps at a patient, Mark encourages him to find ways to relieve his stress. Meanwhile, Cristina lets her suspicions get the best of her, on "Grey’s Anatomy," Thursday, February 23 (9:00-10:02 p.m., ET).

Guest starring Loretta Devine and Summer Glau.

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02 Feb 2012
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 04 Feb 2012, 01:20 GMT [Entry]

Obviously, if they bother to hire high profile guest stars, it's to give them a story and enough screentime (at least that's my guess).

Again, it would be interesting to have the opinion of someone who is regularly watching GA : what is usually the screetime and weight on the story of a guest star?

  Message #2 | Blazius | 03 Feb 2012, 20:19 GMT [Entry]

I agree! It seems that the episode focuses more on already existing characters and on their subplots, I worry too about Summers screentime. ATM it seems to me that she'll have significantly less importance in the episode than in Alphas for example. Would it really hurt them if they made a less main storyline episode so they can show more of the guest characters if they bothered to hire them?

  Message #3 | Fox012 | 03 Feb 2012, 11:04 GMT [Entry]

Patience is a Virtue Alex biggrin

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne_ | 03 Feb 2012, 10:45 GMT [Entry]

After checking, Loretta Devine plays Dr. Richard Webber's wife in the show and appeared regularly in GA in 2011 and 2012; so that she is not really a guest star, more a semi-recurring character.

Emmy Award winner Loretta Devine

  Message #5 | chrisdvanne_ | 03 Feb 2012, 10:09 GMT [Entry]

Photo Preview for episode 8x16 "If Only You Were Lonely" should show up in the followind days, don't worry Alex smile

I must say i'm a lost with all those names and sub-plots in the description of Summer's episode; but i guess it's business as usual in soap-land.

Can someone confirms all thoses names belong to already existing characters as it sounds?

Also, having so many sub-plots makes me worry about Summer's screentime, all the more there is not one but two guest stars in this episode.

  Message #6 | Alex | 03 Feb 2012, 01:23 GMT [Entry]

Thanks for the update. Do we know the name of her character? Is there any way to tell if Summer is in the A story or the B story? Can you tell I am impatient? biggrin

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