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Photos: Summer meets her fans at FAN EXPO Dallas

Summer Glau having fun at Fan Expo Dallas
Summer Glau having fun at Fan Expo Dallas

May the Fourth be with you! Come along and welcome Summer for her first day at FAN EXPO Dallas in her home state Texas. A great time is guaranteed, with autograph sessions, photo ops and also a Q&A panel. Check out some photos of Summer with her fans from today below, thanks to everyone who has shared their photo!

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Photos: Summer Glau meets her fans at FAN EXPO DallasPhotos: Summer Glau meets her fans at FAN EXPO DallasPhotos: Summer Glau meets her fans at FAN EXPO DallasPhotos: Summer Glau meets her fans at FAN EXPO DallasPhotos: Summer Glau meets her fans at FAN EXPO DallasPhotos: Summer Glau panel at FAN EXPO Dallas

Images courtesy of: Samantha | theradrez tytalley806 @ShawnWThomas@raysbyers  | @geekgalsco


Read below a few impressions from Summer's Q&A panel, thanks to @geekgalsco and @SciFi4Me :

What's up with Summer Glau? She's got a series coming out soon this summer! [Editor's note: WU ASSASSINS on Netflix]

Summer Glau on taking a break after having kids: "If I found a role that was like a River or similar, I would do it. But I really enjoy being the one taking care of my kids." (Paraphrased) 

Summer Glau says how she does miss getting lost in her work but she would miss being w/ her daughters even more. 

Moderator asks a Firefly question: is there anything in the pipeline?? Summer Glau says she doesn't know and she's torn about it too. 

Summer Glau on Firefly rumors: if everyone is there having a party, I'd love to be there as well. 

Summer Glau says her meal scenes with Ron Glass were great: "he was so wise and zen and seasoned. He had seen it all..."

Fan asks how Summer Glau felt about the direction of the Firefly movie Serenity: "Joss was boss so I just smiled and nodded..."

"I think we can all agree that we wonder... Why??? Why," Summer Glau adds about the direction of the Serenity movie

Summer Glau on playing River Tam on Firefly: "I got to get away with a lot of kookiness because I wasn't carrying the heavy points of the story." 

Summer Glau says "I had come from the ballet world where everyone does the same thing & acting felt like the wild wild west... I felt alive."

"I found my people... Well, Joss found me, really," Summer Glau says.

Moderator: is there a typical #summerglau day?
Summer: there is, but it's really boring.

Fan asks what is life like outside of acting. #SummerGlau talks about being a mom! She says she also tries to educate herself too since she did not attend college. She reads & grows roses. 

Fun fact: Summer Glau grows her own food! Quite the green thumb. 

What storyline didn't get enough credit? Summer Glau says "We always tried to get Joss to tell us stories. All his characters are so rich & complex... My favorite was Shepphard Book's... looking back, that's the one I feel the most longing for."

"Try to hold on to what makes you unique and be open and have trust," Summer Glau recommends to those who wish to move to LA to start their careers.

Summer Glau says the roles she's gotten have been very therapeutic for her. "River was my first role. I would do things in auditions that were off-the-wall or strange... When I found River, it suited me."

Summer Glau: "also, I can kill you with my brain" <---- the line she gets asked most often to say by fans.


Of course, we keep a special place in our thoughts for the late Peter Mayhew (the original Chewbacca in the Star Wars films), who was scheduled to attend FAN EXPO Dallas with Summer this weekend.

More photos/stories of Summer's appearance at FAN EXPO Dallas 2019 will be posted in the forum, check it out regularly.

Don't forget to visit us tomorrow for photos of Summer's second day at the convention.

If you attended the event this weekend and would like to donate your photos, I would love to share your photos and experiences on the site, so please feel free to email me at – Full credit will be given.

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