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chrisdvanne on: New fanmail address

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PGA Shorts contest - On set of 'Dead End'

Added by chrisdvanne on Nov 18, 2012 | 16 COMMENTS

Tall Sea Productions posted a picture of Summer Glau on the set of 'Dead End,' a short film directed by Jay Torres, made for the 2nd Annual Producers Guild Weekend Shorts Contest; the challenge was to make a film – write, shoot and edit it – in two days. (See previous News).

Unfortunately, 'Dead End' didn't make it in the PGA Shorts top ten list and consequently, the short was not shown as part of the 2nd Annual Debra Hill / Producers Guild Weekend Shorts Contest screening, held in association with NewFilmmakers LA Film Festival on Friday, November 17 at Sunset Gower Studios.

UPDATE: The short is now available online. Watch Summer Glau and Eric Winter in "Dead End"!

3N Films, who served as assistant director on 'Dead End', send us the following message.

'Dead End' will probably be available online later this month. Anyway, heres' Summer Glau's picture on set :

On Set

Gallery link:
- Other Projects (incl. Shorts) > Dead End (2014) > On Set


To give you an idea of the background, here are two behind the scenes pictures of 'Dead End' :

Producers Guild Weekend Shorts Contest - Summer GlauProducers Guild Weekend Shorts Contest - Summer Glau

Photo credit : Collin McDowell for Tall Sea Productions

Additional informations related to Summer's movie for the PGA shorts contest are in the Forum.

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Total comments: 16

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Nov 18, 08:26 GMT

Judging by Summer Glau's look on the set of 'Dead End', the movie promises intense situations.
Bummer 'Dead End' didn't make it in PGA Shorts top ten list; hopefully the movie will be released online.

  Message #2 | Choupy | 2012 Nov 18, 16:22 GMT

Thank you for posting and I also hope the movie will be released online.


  Message #3 | TerminatorEmily | 2012 Nov 18, 21:49 GMT

I do too. It looks really cool.

  Message #4 | IanT | 2012 Nov 19, 00:28 GMT

This should certainly be interesting. It's hard to figure out what the look of Summer's character suggests - her eyes look like she's ill or deeply stressed.
Hope this short movie showcases Summer's talents well and helps with her career.

  Message #5 | TerminatorEmily | 2012 Nov 19, 00:38 GMT

Yeah. I hope so too.
I do wonder what her character will be like.

  Message #6 | robbo | 2012 Nov 19, 01:16 GMT

summer glau looks very focused, on what she is about to do, reminds me of cameron during the TSCC filming awesome, smile

  Message #7 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Nov 19, 01:35 GMT

Unfortunately, 'Dead End' didn't make it in the PGA Shorts top ten list and will probably not get any exposure at all.

As i answered to 3N Fims, just because 'Dead End' didn't match perfectly PGA's criterias doesn't mean the fans dont want to watch it though.

To be honest i have a hard time figuring out why Summer is filming shorts.

  Message #8 | TerminatorEmily | 2012 Nov 19, 04:12 GMT

Yes she does.
Her character might be like someone who's about to die know it's "DEAD end" so yeah...I don't know because I'm not sure what the film's about.
happy dry biggrin

  Message #9 | The1Russter | 2012 Nov 19, 16:45 GMT

I think I have the answer to Chris's question as to why Summer is doing short films. Consider a short film like a video resume. Short films are more easily passed around the various studios. Regardless of the films success, they are an easy way to showcase the range of an actor's skill w/o requiring a casting agent, director, or producer to slog through hours of previous work the actor has done. The films may not add much to Summer's resume now, but they could be the key to getting the role she wants in the future.

  Message #10 | IanT | 2012 Nov 19, 17:26 GMT

I think another reason Summer keeps doing these short projects (and the tiny role as a Nurse) is to keep busy. If your resume is blank for the last year or so, it might put off the next director/casting exec... but Summer's resume will show she's always busy, so clearly determined and focused. Also, its more experience for her and a way to make her living before (hopefully!) her next big project comes along.
Personally, my hopes are on a Season 3 of Alphas, with Summer as a permanent cast member. She adds so much to that show when she's in it and work great with the rest of the cast too... And or SyFy, it's a good way to lift ratings a bit with her fan-following.

  Message #11 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Nov 19, 17:57 GMT

@ The1Russter, IanT

Thanks to your valuable contributions, me and our visitors have now a better idea as to why Summer is filming these shorts or guest spots.

I notice that Summer didn't have a leading role in the full-length feature film 'Legend of Hell's Gate' but she's the female lead in these shorts ('Inside the Box' and 'Dead End'); she has enough scope to be the lead in an (indie) movie imo, as proven by 'Knights of Badassdom' or 'Help for the Holidays'.

Allow me to repeat what is my motto for a while now : these non-genre shorts/movies may allow Summer to reach a more mainstream audience step by step.

Side note : as much as i love Alphas and Skylar Adams, the show is a dead end; even it it gets a third season, it will probably be the last. I prefer to see Summer free to catch any opportunity rather than have her stuck as a regular in Alphas.

  Message #12 | TerminatorEmily | 2012 Nov 21, 23:38 GMT

Hmmm maybe you're right....I don't know.
I would love to see her star in an X-men movie or the next big Horror movie.
(New Scream anyone? jokes! maybe........Nightmare on Elm street....2014 remake! or 2013)
It would be cool if she could star in like Doctor Who or a Star Wars movie or... if J.k Rowling's new book gets turned into a movie maybe star in that? I don't know just thinking of ideas...
That's cool that you got a letter form Summer
biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

  Message #13 | robbo | 2012 Nov 22, 01:50 GMT

great ideas and thoughts about what we would like, summer to be getting involved in, terminatoremily just love them. on a more positive note, long as tho summer keeps her self busy, and not fall of the radar. like some film stars do they sort of just dissapear without trace, at the moment we have help for the holidays, knights of badassdom, maybe alphas, but i wouldnt mind seeing summer in a few more things, what about serenity 2, that would be amazing, river tam wielding that axe again, or even better TSCC the movie, i must wake up i think im dreaming sorry, smile

  Message #14 | TerminatorEmily | 2012 Nov 22, 01:57 GMT

Robbo I think we're sharing the same dream here tongue

Serenity 2
TSCC: The movie
TSCC: The movie "Skynet's revenge"
Serenity 4
Serenity 5
River Tam beats up everyone: The movie
Jameron: The movie

  Message #15 | robbo | 2012 Nov 22, 02:19 GMT

terminatoremily what a list just perfect, im absolutely drooling at the mouth, couldnt of asked for a better selection. i think i will go back to my dream, really enjoying it now, tongue

  Message #16 | TerminatorEmily | 2012 Nov 28, 03:36 GMT

lol tongue

oh wait..I'm feeling really sleepy...*falls asleep*

Me: *dreams of those...movies* JOHN!! KISS HER!!!!! *snores*....*silence*... NO! River!?? YOU SHOT SIMON!!!!!!!!!!... *snore*...*silence*......No touching guns River!

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