Summer Joining Twitter Soon?

According to photographer Joan Allen, Summer Glau is considering an official Twitter launch soon.
Until now, Summer had no Facebook or Twitter or any social network account (which means every person claiming to be Summer herself is a fake, btw). It seems it could change though.
Recently, friends of her who have a Twitter account like Laura Vandervoort or Azita Ghanizada claimed they tried to convince Summer to get an official Twitter account; and Summer has been live tweeting the Alphas season finale from the official Twitter account for Alphas serie.
Joan Allen's announce is a big step and fans should be prepared to see an official Summer Glau Twitter account in the near future. 
That Summer is considering joining Twitter could also mean that she has landed a lead role in a new TV show and the production made it gently and courteously but firmly clear that it would be better for the show if Summer was on Twitter. But that part is just a speculation at this stage.
Hopefully we will have more informations soon so stay tuned.
20 Nov 2013
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 20 Nov 2013, 21:58 GMT [Entry]

Good points Matthew!

Twitter is a great tool to manage an actor's communication.

  Message #2 | PurpleHayes | 20 Nov 2013, 22:17 GMT [Entry]

Well obviously I think this would be really nice for us fans, but I find myself thinking 'what about all those Glau haters' I mean, I'd rather that nobody let those morons impact on their lives in any way like by for instance deciding not to have a public presence on sites like twitter, but I also hate to think that Summer will end up reading a load of nasty stuff and getting upset when they find out she got an official account and are let loose on it with their trollness. I've read the interview where she talks about her feelings when reading bad stuff some people say about her on the internet, and so the thought of it makes me quite sad but it seems inevitable that this would happen if the whole thing goes ahead. Is there something they can do so that she only gets the good vibes from the likes of us?

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 20 Nov 2013, 22:39 GMT [Entry]

These interviews are quite dated and it simply prove that Summer is very well aware that all internet users are not happy Summer Glau fans.

There will always be be negative comments and trolls and morons. If you let them have an influence on you, you don't move forward and they have won.

Here's a list of puppet accounts created by a notorious troll know as redcon (he has been banned from the TSCC boards for trolling, hacking and other nefarious activities); this guy is crazy enough to impersonate a fan or a fan site. If you cross path with one of these accounts on Twitter, don't engage and simply block them.

@chrisdvane (only one n, unlike my username)

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne_ | 20 Nov 2013, 22:44 GMT [Entry]

Summer probably mentioned her intention to join Twitter to Joan Allen during their recent meeting. Joan Allen was kind enough to tweet me about it:

  Message #5 | chrisdvanne_ | 20 Nov 2013, 22:55 GMT [Entry]

Nothing is settled yet but if Joan Allen mentions it, it has a great chance to happen. More, I'm equally interested in the opportunity to have Summer joining Twitter and the fact it could mean she has landed a lead role in a new tv show.
I strongly believe the two things are correlated.

  Message #6 | Respect-for-Summer | 20 Nov 2013, 22:55 GMT [Entry]

Oh man you are right well the only thing we can do if she makes an official account is to support her and those haters from my perspective are just a bunch of morons,jealous people that think being an actor is easy but when you put them on a stage in front of the people or in front of the camera they become statues they have nothing left to say.
So the best thing to do is to support Summer show her that her fans love her and ignore those haters and there is a tell in my country that realy applies to them "Talk more wrong and useless"

  Message #7 | PurpleHayes | 20 Nov 2013, 22:56 GMT [Entry]

I can't imagine ever having the inclination to devote such time towards denigrating a person I wasn't fond of by making multiple troll accounts. If I don't like someone, I would say 'I don't have time for them' and then spend my time with what I do like :/ people are strange...

You are right, of course, they deserve only to be ignored but I think its like saying 'don't think about elephants', easier said than done.

I suppose ultimately it can only be a good thing for fans and Summer herself that she should get more publicity and interaction with fans, and if the trolls do come it will just be up to us to shout them down and spread twice as much good vibes to keep Summer smiling smile

  Message #8 | ogy86 | 20 Nov 2013, 23:00 GMT [Entry]

Just hope that if she really comes on twitter, some trolls will not force her to cancel her account after some time. It happened to her facebook few years ago. Some people can be bad under the anonymity of the internet and Summer is probably sensitive to these things, as is clear from some interviews where she says she is rather not read the responses to her roles, because there are 10 nice, but then she finds one negative and it may make her cry.

  Message #9 | TerminatorEmily | 20 Nov 2013, 23:21 GMT [Entry]

Hopefully she'll get a twitter account. I would go full on CRAZY if she was on thing you know she may have a Facebook page

  Message #10 | terminatorgirl | 21 Nov 2013, 00:24 GMT [Entry]

I think it would be awesome if she had a twitter, but I agree we should support her against the trolls, people like that really make me angry, but we all know that Summer is an amazing actress that we all love and support, so hopefully we can help with that in some way, I love the Summer Glau fan base, and everyone that is a part of it, so thank you.

  Message #11 | Fox012 | 21 Nov 2013, 07:00 GMT [Entry]

I'm Torn on this too I thought about the same...  I don't want  that summer reads the bad stuff  and the trolls start to molest her (I think me and Chris have some in our Back Mind but no names are given) I think if she really gets an twitter Acc then it will be a two-edged sword(Great for genuine fan's bad due to trolls) At least someone should teach her some Twitter tactics.. f.e how to block/report rouge followers / trolls and to not follow each and every Account... etc..

just like PurpleHayes Mentioned trolls will be inevitable...

  Message #12 | Fox012 | 22 Nov 2013, 15:58 GMT [Entry]

well I have the same experience as you  some of the cast & Crew Seem to not have a problem  in replying  on tweets  I never got an Response from f.e  Rachel nichols I know she get a ton of tweets but me and Chris done some direct tweets to her that under normal circumstances would not go un-noticed but yet no response..  but as  I mentioned she is kinda picky whom to respond as she once mentioned that twitter is just a Marketing tool for her...

  Message #13 | Fox012 | 22 Nov 2013, 16:59 GMT [Entry]

lol yeah..  'cuz that was her duty on that night to  reply to as many questions as possible.. however not every question was  answered wink

  Message #14 | KevinInEngland | 22 Nov 2013, 20:05 GMT [Entry]

None of the other actors from TSCC for instance, have had any grief from me.  Direct twittering is something that people need to be careful about.  Shirley Manson, Lena Headey, have lots of fans and I'm sure Summer would find the same.  All she has to do it ignore those expected words, 'curse', or whatever.  It's easy for people to say things from the comfort of an armchair, which they would never say face to face unless they are really ..... not sure what to say here.

If she has a new film/TV role, it must be something important.  Congrats are worth portraying directly to her.

  Message #15 | Fox012 | 22 Nov 2013, 20:50 GMT [Entry]

It's easy for people to say things from the comfort of an armchair, which they would never say face to face[...]

I'm not a sweet talker I don't disguise myself in what I say about a person If / when I have an impression of a person I don't hesitate to say what I think about that person no matter if Online or to the persons face if necessary since I'm a Sincere person  if the person dislikes my honesty well their loss but at least I was sincere... but I also Agree with you that not every person is like me...

  Message #16 | MattM | 20 Nov 2013, 21:45 GMT [Entry]

I think she should go for it. Not only will she establish a better connection to her fan base, but also keep her followers posted on stuff she's working on as well as any future appearances she may make (whether it would be on TV or in a public setting). If she actually does move forward with going on Twitter, that would be great!

  Message #17 | MattM | 20 Nov 2013, 22:54 GMT [Entry]

I understand your concern. Along with many others here,�I am aware that not everybody is going to have nice things to say about Summer. However, part of being famous is learning to take the bad with the good. In going back to the interview you referenced, I remember reading it myself and seeing that she was conditioned during her ballet days to find the imperfections with herself. Hopefully, this has changed overtime and she has realized that other people's words only hurt if she puts meaning to them.

  Message #18 | Fox012 | 22 Nov 2013, 03:39 GMT [Entry]

If she chooses to interact with fans on twitter dont be upset if she doesnt notice your tweets, she will likely be very popular on twitter
like Rachel Nichols.

I.m.h.o Rachel Nichols does not really Interacts with her fans nor does she follow her fans.. she is picky on whom to respond & interact that hasn't something to do with "notice your tweet"

and frankly this will be a bummer if summer goes down the same path...

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