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Summer Glau Pictures from San Diego Comic Con

 pictures from Knights of Badassdom panel at Comic con


We will keep updating this
news post when we get more pictures from the event.

Gallery album: Comic Con San Diego
We also have a forum thread where fans can post pictures and updates from the event.

There is also transcript of the panel online at movieline

2:34 Summer on her character:

She comes with her cousin who is really hardcore. She is kind of in between. She doesn’t take it as seriously as the others. […] But
she can be reserved and cool.



2:55 Glau says that filming the movie was like


six weeks of summer camp.


Here is a cool video

What does Summer Glau geek for? She told Gonzogeek following the Knights of Badassdom press conference on July 23 at Comic-Con 2011.
Link to news post about HQ images



23 Jul 2011
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  Message #1 | Fermi | 06 Jan 2012, 03:03 GMT [Entry]

Thank you for posting that is a great tribute video

  Message #2 | Fermi | 24 Jul 2011, 00:34 GMT [Entry]

I'm working on it

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 24 Jul 2011, 00:29 GMT [Entry]

Trailer is out

Is it possible to embedd it here?

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