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New Sequestered Promotional Images

Crackle has released new Sequestered promotional images featuring a few cast members, including Summer Glau as jury member Anna, to accompany the August 5 premiere of their new original legal thriller.
I wouldn't be surprised if some photos of the actors are taken from the promotional photo shoot they did on June 2014. Hopefully, we will see photos from this photoshoot soon.

Sequestered promotional imageSequestered promotional image

Gallery link:
Photoshoots > Studio Photoshoots > Sequestered Photo Shoot - 2014
We also have a scoop for you: the Crackle network has a premiere event coming up soon. Unfortunately, Summer isn't attending "due to prior commitments", as a Crackle representative told us exclusively.  Stay tuned as we might have interesting news about this in the near future.
More generaly, if you want Summer's show to be successful, watching it for free on Crackle website and on many devices,  including iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and smart TVs. is the way. If it's region-blocked for you, consider using some sort of VPN or proxy. If you don't know what that is, try Hola ( don't forget to turn of adblock. Ads might be annoying, but it's how Crackle is going to measure the success of the show).
You can also spread the word on various social networks and in the fan sites. The more people are talking about the show (that's called "social impact"), the better. 
Don't hesitate to give your impressions on the show in the various threads dedicated to the show in the forum. Similarly, don't hesitate to engage me on Twitter (@Chrisdvanne) or if you're too lazy (or shy), re-tweeting my tweets would be a good way to show your support to the show. 
Finally, I'm glad the series is so well received by critics and fans alike.  Sequestered has it all; great acting talent, good storylines and many twist and turns. Can't wait to see the remaining six episodes on October 14th!


08 Aug 2014
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 08 Aug 2014, 16:32 GMT

Hopefully, higher resolution versions and more photos from the Sequestered photo shoot will be released soon.

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