New Photoshoot by Joan Allen Coming Soon! [Updated]

Photographer, and long-time friend of Summer, Joan Allen announced on Twitter that a new photo shoot with Summer Glau has been scheduled! This is a great news, as we adore Joan Allen's work and especially her previous photo shoots with Summer.  
Given her friendship with Summer Glau, we are now wondering if Joan will be the official photographer at Summer's wedding or if this photo shoot will be a maternity photo shoot. Joan didn't say when it's going to happen but we will keep you posted of future anouncements. We are looking forward to the new photo shoot. 

UPDATE: Joan Allen is already prepping the photo shoot with Summer and Val. It's going to be a celebration of marriage and maternity photo shoot and there is going to be a behind the scenes video.

For the record, the last time Joan Allen did a photoshoot with Summer Glau was in 2010 and we have not seen a new photoshoot with Summer since the TV Guide magazine photo shoot made on January 2011 for the launch of The Cape.
13 Nov 2014
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 19 Nov 2014, 00:25 GMT

Joan Allen is prepping her photoshoot with Summer Glau. It might happen sooner than expected!

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