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New Image of Summer from her Ballerina Days

Added by chrisdvanne on Jan 05, 2015 | 1 COMMENTS

It is quite common for celebrities to share photos of them when they were younger, proudly wearing their Halloween costume or trying to steal their siblings's toys. This is not the case for Summer since she has no social networking account and no presence online. However, a lovely pre-acting photo of Summer, when she was a ballet dancer in her home state Texas, surfaced online. The image, taken backstage at a performance of The Nutcracker ballet in San Antonio and showing a young Summer wearing her stage makeup and costume, has been posted on Instagram by the young girl appearing in the photo with Summer. Kristina Uriegas-Reyes, that's her name, was in the same ballet troupe as Summer and says that, in her own words, "Summer was like a big sister to me back then"; given the way Summer is hugging her and the wide smile on her face, we have no doubt about it. 
Anyway, Kristina gave us permission to share this image with you and she has had the kindness to give us a little background on this photo. Check out this cute image, as well as Kristina's excerpt below.
Summer and I were in the Nutcracker [a ballet scored by Russian composer Tchaikovsky] together twice in San Antonio. She was like a big sister to me back then. I played a baby angel and Summer played the lead angel, dancing around us. As you can see from this costume, she also played an Arabian princess in the second act of the performance. She is the sweetest person ever and always left a lasting impression. I'm so incredibly happy for her success and, as a Whedon-nerd myself, was ecstatic when I first saw her in Angel. I did a double-take! We later ran into each other in our hometown and kept in touch through snail mail for a while. I hear she's expecting and I have no doubt she will be an amazing mother.

Summer Glau Nutcracker in San Antonio

Gallery link:
- Public Events > Pre-acting > Backstage at The Nutcracker ballet, San Antonio
Beyond the obvious overload of cuteness, this photo allows fans to catch a glimpse of Summer's life before her breakout turn as the Prima Ballerina on Angel, at a time she thought she would become a professional ballet dancer. Summer often talks about her years as a ballet dancer in interviews but there are very few photos from that period. Sharing this photo here for all fellow fans of Summer to appreciate her early days before River and Cameron and to show she was a gifted dancer and above all an artist, even before she started her career as an actress.
Kristina is a lover of vintage and high-fashion alike. She currently acts as Social Media Producer for NewYorkDress and Blog Contributor to BUST Magazine. She loves to share her personal style through her blog, Twee Valley High.


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  Message #1 | Fermi | 2015 Jan 05, 22:10 GMT

Thank you Kristina for sharing this very cute picture.

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