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New Angel Behind The Scenes Photo

31 Jan 2015
chrisdvanne 0 Comments

I found a new behind-the-scenes images of Summer on set of Angel 3.13 'Waiting in the Wings'. When Joss Whedon's camera stopped rolling, Summer and several ballet dancers enjoyed their time break. Most ballet scenes from this episode of Angel were shot at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles but this photo was taken on stage at the studio  because Joss Whedon realized he hadn't shot enough scenes of the ballet.
Check out this new Behind the Scenes photo below (Summer is the brunette facing the camera).

Angel 3.13 Waiting in the Wings - Behind the Scenes
Summer Glau and several ballet dancers enjoy their
time break on set of Angel 3.13 'Angel in the Wings'

Gallery link:
- TV Shows (incl. Web series) > Angel (2002) > Angel 3.13 Waiting in the Wings - Behind the Scenes

On the same topic, you can watch a video containing all the commentaries by Joss Whedon on the scenes with Summer in Angel 3.13 'Waiting in the Wings', taken from the DVD's special features.

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