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My Youtube channel has been terminated

Skynet...err, I mean YouTube terminated my channel
Skynet...err, I mean YouTube terminated my channel

Hey guys! I want to let you know that Skynet...err, I mean YouTube terminated my channel. The reason being it included videos that contain copyright-protected material, such as excerpts from TV shows, episodes recaps or series/ movies gag reel, resulting in Content ID claims from YouTube.

I would like to point out that my channel was free of any Copyright strikes. Strikes are given for content that violates YouTube’s community guidelines.

Admittedly, I received several Content ID claims. However, the notifications from YouTube mentioned each time that "This is not a copyright notice. This claim does not affect the status of your account."

In YT's own words:

These claims are issued by companies that own music, movies, TV shows, video games, or other copyright-protected material. Content owners can set Content ID to block material from YouTube when a claim is made. They can also allow the video to remain live on YouTube with ads. In those cases, the advertising revenue goes to the copyright owners of the claimed content.

Whenever I received a notification, I simply decided to do nothing, since YT mentioned that "no action is required from you." and let the copyright owners add ads if they wanted. I thought that the fact my own videos were not monetized would be enough. I was wrong.

The videos I uploaded recently were mostly clips from Summer's Q&A panel that con-goers gave me permission to share, or slideshows with photos of Summer taken at conventions. On the opposite, most Content ID claims were related to videos I uploaded years ago. It seems as if YouTube changed its algorithms and copyright policy, but I had no warning that my channel was subject to termination.

Having your channel terminated is upsetting, of course, given the amount of work that I devoted to built it and make it grow. But more importantly, I feel sorry for the 20 00 subscribers that trusted me and also for the dedicated TSCC fans who asked me to publish their 3D animated continuation of the show on my channel.

Anyway, since Summer has decided to take a break/retire from acting to raise her kids - Talking of which, I might make an important announcement regarding the future of this website in the following weeks -, it is not likely that I'll get the chance to upload videos that are subject to copyright claims from studios anytime soon. Well, no worries! I believe in embracing change and taking new challenges head on.

I would like to thank all those who have supported this fan site over the years.

As an aside, I decided to check if Google, the parent company of YouTube, has a grudge against me, and Googled the words Summer Glau. To my great relief, this website, as well as the associated Twitter account and Facebook page are well positioned. Not everything is negative after all.

28 Mar 2019 | Tags: YouTube
Total comments: 4
  Message #1 | Admirator | 29 Mar 2019, 06:20 GMT

Oh, that's awful! I guess i contributed to the channel's status with my 5 videos as well. Like you said, adds were shown on the videos, it shouldn't be a problem. It was like radio broadcasting and without any sort of income for the channel.
It's their bad. People love something while it is free and accessible. When constrictions are placed, popularity falls. They could add a secondary e.g: youtube2 service, which would not offer any monetization, but it would allow anyone to upload his copyright-content-ed videos..
Their bad..

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 29 Mar 2019, 07:30 GMT

Yes, this channel was a place where fans could showcase their work. Too bad for fan creativity.
As long as the other videos (not subject to a content id claim) were not monetized, I thought my channel was safe. I was wrong.

  Message #3 | Admirator | 30 Mar 2019, 21:29 GMT

Most of youtube channels i think we are exposed to such actions. Anyway, we will keep our way as much as we can smile .

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne | 31 Mar 2019, 19:28 GMT

Thanks for the support!

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