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My Fan Experience: Meeting Summer at Reno Pop Culture Con

Malcom Son drove 2 and a half hours to meet Summer Glau again
Malcom Son drove 2 and a half hours to meet Summer Glau again

Our friend Malcom Son attended Reno Pop Culture Conn last weekend where he had the chance to meet Summer there several times for autographs, photo ops or at her panel with Jewel Staite. He was so kind to share with us his full experience, as well as his photos.


My Fan Experience: Meeting Summer at Reno Pop Culture Con


My second time going out of town to a convention, with my first being in San Francisco (more about that later)! Now this time Reno! The plan was for my younger brother (His name is Anthony) to go with me actually and spend the whole day out there, as there were quite a few people he wanted to meet, namely one particular person as he recently became a fan. But he changed his mind at the last second, so I went on my own. I told him I'd have fun for him. It was a long ride and eventually I made it to the convention, going inside and being greeted with the usual sights of vendors, artists and seeing everyone cosplay. I think my most favorite thing I love of any convention is going down the "artist alley" as many of them call them. ^-^ Seeing so much amazing original art and stories from really cool people that talk to you about where they get inspiration from. Kind of inspires me to keep writing fanfics, lol. [Editor's note: check out his fan fictions at]

After all the sightseeing of the art I decided to go and stand in line with a handful of other people in Summer’s line, which was SUPRSINGLY SHORT at first. Everyone took their turns, chatting and having things signed.  When my turn came up, being the usual nervous guy that I am, especially in the presence of someone like this, took a moment to compose myself. Last time I got to see her was about 2 years ago at San Francisco Comic Con 2017 [editor's note: check out photos and stories of meeting Summer at SFCC 2017] and I felt just the same as then. ^-^;  I told her how much my brother and I enjoyed her work which she replied with a happy thank you.

Check out below a photo of a pregnant Summer with Malcolm at San Francisco Comic Con 2017.

a pregnant Summer with Malcolm at San Francisco Comic Con 2017

I asked her how her family was and enjoying the town and she said her husband was keeping the girls entertained while she was there, so she couldn’t complain. I told her it was a nice town and that her family wouldn’t get bored, she asked if I was from there and I said no, I hail from Sacramento. But I used to go through here sometimes with my dad when he went over the road. She said something along the lines of “you must be used to long road trips then.” I laughed and nodded. I told her since my brother couldn’t make it that he wishes her the best and much good will for the future. And I added likewise from me, she thanked us both and asked for his name so she can write him a special message which I gave. I gave mine next to sign which was an image of her in the green hoodie [from a 2008 Women’s Health photoshoot, see photo below] on a metal sheet that I made. She was very surprised and asked me how I did it, and I said it’s something I try and practice with, a fun hobby. Involving special materials and techniques, and when done right can look very nice. She told me how beautiful it looked and complimented my work, which made me smile like an idiot, haha.

Summer Glau's Women's Health photo shoot 2008

Afterwards I asked for a quick photo with her (see photo below), and after, I asked if she had anything in the future us fans could see. She said at the moment all she has is Netflix's WU ASSASSINS and the audible book she narrated for Serial Box, ALTERNIS, but she hopes to do more like it, as it was a different experience, voicing different characters and adding a bit of a uniqueness to each one. I told her it was very great to listen to. One thing I asked since I was curious about is, has her family ever taken a road trip to a convention. She said not really unless it is very close like in Texas but everything still feels very far in Texas, she said with a laugh. But it is something she’d like to do eventually. Seeing that the line was starting to build more, I decided to make my leave as I did not want to make the others wait. I told her thanks a lot and was looking forward to her panel with Jewel! She waved me goodbye and said thanks, see you then!

Malcolm Son with Summer at her Reno Pop Culture Con booth

When the panel came around, I had thought to take pictures but decided with recording as I thought it was unfair my brother couldn’t be there to see it, I figure video is close enough [Watch the video of Summer and Jewel's panel from Reno Pop Kids] !  As well to share with other fans if anyone else had not decided to record. Summer and Jewel came onto the stage with much applause, and cheer. As per any other panel, they answered questions and they talked about what role they would want to try and get, their kids, and how Jewel’s husband is quite the Kaylee fan himself, lol.

After the panel was over, I went over to the photo op (see photo below) and Summer recognized me with a wave and said welcome back! With the photo taken, I thanked her again and she remembered my brother's name and told me she hopes he can make it next time with me, I said I'd do my best to bring him out! She waved me another small goodbye as I headed out.

Malcolm Son with Summer at her Reno Pop Culture Con booth

All in all, it was a very fun experience despite my time there being short. I know lots of others had just as much fun with what I saw. These comic experiences will never get old, with the people you meet and even make friends with, even if it's just for the one day.


A huge thank you to Malcom Son for the story and photos. You can see more photos of Summer posing with fans, signing autographs at her booth or at her panel in the Reno Pop Culture Con 2019 gallery album.

If you, too, are interested in sharing your story/photos, just post them in the comment section below or send us an email.

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13 Nov 2019
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