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Meeting with Summer at LFCC: 'An Experience I won't Forget'

Added by chrisdvanne on Jul 19, 2014 | 2 COMMENTS

Long time Summer Glau fan Mark Cottam met Summer Glau at this year's London Film and Comic Con and kindly shared with us his awesome photos, including his photo ops with Summer, a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles promo photo signed by Summer and a drawing he had commissioned that she also signed.
Contrary to what is written on his t-shirt (see photos below), Mark must be slightly crazy, but in a good way, and that is a good thing. Because it provides us with the opportunity to see Summer and Mark making goofy faces.
Find below the photos and the accompagnying comments that Mark sent us:

Summer Glau making a funny face at London Film and Comic Con, July 11 - 13, 2014Drawing featuring Summer Glau as Cameron signed by SummerTSCC promo photo signed by Summer Glau at LFCC

It all started about 2004/2005 when I went to a convention in Blackpool which was based on Buffy/Angel/Firefly [Starfury Fusion Blackpool 30 April - 2 May, 2004] Now I was a big Buffy fan then and as I'm aware it was one of if not the first UK convention that Summer attended even though I saw her on stage I never really knew who she was so I hadn't got her autograph. Big mistake.
Anyway fast forward a few years and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles came out and I was hooked it was halfway through season one where I realised Cameron was played by summer Glau and the penny dropped and I realised that I met her sort of before  since then I got back into the convention scene and kept looking and suggested to get summer over.
After several times she had to cancel due to working commitments which was fair enough anyway when summer was announced for this years LFCC I knew this was it; 
Originally I wanted to do a Terminator cosplay and have a photo with Summer with her pointing a gun at me as only she would do so well with the cold look on her face but due to other problems and temperature over weekend I chose not to. However I wanted two pictures, one nice and one silly one. When I asked for her to do a funny face she was only to happy to help. I feel when possible its nice to have a picture with a different twist to it as it's more memorable for me and means more that the celebrity made an effort.
When I first saw her in person at the convention I felt so excited like a kid she looked awesome and I was actually meeting her I nearly geeked out a few times and was nervous but it was a experience I won't forget. 
And as for the drawing I had commissioned of course it had Summer, myself , K.I.T.T. [from the series "Knight Rider"], and Jenna Louise Coleman from "Doctor Who" another brunette I like and I liked it and even Summer smiled when she saw it as it was something different. 
UPDATE: Mark told us how it was having to wait in Summer's queues.
Even though Summer was not classed as a major guest at the con her queues always seemed busy and people were generally excited to see her. I had to buy a photo ticket and get a virtual ticket for her autograph for a friend. But the con staff was down to earth and of course her personal protection was keeping an eye over things. But in photo queue even though it was very warm a lot of conventioners like myself wanted a drink a rest we new in a matter of minutes we would meet her and as I peeked through a gap in the wall and saw Summer I just went wow with that everyone started to peek through lol I even made a couple of friends smile in the queue. And one conversation a lot of us had was even that Summer has had a lot of guest / bit roles from TBBT and Chuck and a couple of major roles in TSCC and The Cape and Firefly, we all would love to see her in a major role in a series and a series that will last longer than 1 or 2 seasons.
A huge thank you to Mark for sending us his photos and taking the time to share his impressions from LFCC. 
As Mark said, meeting with Summer was an experience he won't forget...but something tells us Summer won't forget her meeting with Mark either.
On the same topic, read: Fans Share Their Impressions On Meeting With Summer at LFCC
If you want to share with us your impressions from the convention, feel free to contact us.

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Total comments: 2

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2014 Jul 19, 21:03 GMT

Love the photo of Summer making funny faces and the drawing is very cool!

  Message #2 | PurpleHayes | 2014 Jul 19, 22:28 GMT

Haa! I thought I recognised him I was a little behind in photo op queue. I overheard him mentioning that peep hole and took a look for myself right after him tehe he's right everyone was doing it after that. Great photo combo!

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