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Meeting Summer at Ohio Comic Con - Photos and summary

Randy forwarded us photos he took of Summer at Wizard World Ohio Comic Con in Columbus in September of 2013. More, Randy kindly answered a couple questions and also provided us with impressions gained from meeting Summer.

In the photos, Summer is seen signing autographs at her booth or at the Firefly panel discussion with her Firefly co-star Ron Glass.

Summer Glau signing autographs at her booth at Ohio Comic Con 2013Summer Glau signing autographs at her booth at Ohio Comic Con 2013Summer Glau signing autographs at her booth at Ohio Comic Con 2013Summer Glau signing autographs at her booth at Ohio Comic Con 2013Summer Glau signing autographs at her booth at Ohio Comic Con 2013Summer Glau signing autographs at her booth at Ohio Comic Con 2013Summer Glau and Ron Glass at the Firefly panel at Ohio Comic Con 2013Summer Glau and Ron Glass at the Firefly panel at Ohio Comic Con 2013Summer Glau and Ron Glass at the Firefly panel at Ohio Comic Con 2013Summer Glau and Ron Glass at the Firefly panel at Ohio Comic Con 2013


For our great viewing pleasure, you had the chance to take close up photos of Summer at her booth.
Randy: "I was in the line at the booth, having purchased a Summer VIP pass. It wasn’t very crowded at that point and no one said anything about not taking photos, so I did so. The panel was the next day. I had a front row seat."

Summer is signing a giant Dollhouse poster. Was it for you and what was her reaction?
Randy: "It is a Dollhouse poster but not mine. The guy you will see in a few photos wearing plaid shorts is the person I forwarded by photos to originally. He had met Summer at a previous Con and was thrilled when she remembered him. One photo I took captured her holding another fan’s cell phone to look at a photo he had taken of her at a prior Comic Con."


Read below Randy's summary of what it was like to meet Summer at the Comic Con in Columbus, Ohio in 2013. 

"I had the opportunity to meet Summer at a Comic Con in Columbus, Ohio in September 2013.

 The first thing I noticed about Summer was how beautiful she really is, along with her dazzling smile. This may not impress some readers, who are probably going “duh-we’ve seen photos of Summer-of course she is beautiful.”   However I have seen some photos of celebrities without all of their makeup on and they often look rather ordinary. I expected Summer to be expertly made up but I was also looking, as subtle as possible, to see if it was a case of “she really isn’t that pretty.” I can attest that up close she is gorgeous, prettier than in many of her photos. My first words to her were “Your photos do not do you justice.” I meant it and she thanked me.

  Her smile is truly dazzling, in part because it is a breath taking, almost blinding white, and in part because it seems sincere and is flashed often.
  Just before I met Summer, a guy in line ahead of me met her for the second time, having previously met her at another Comic Con. Before he said anything to Summer she exclaimed “ I know you!” He was thrilled that she recalled meeting him. One of the photos I took shows Summer looking at that guy’s cell phone and its photo of their prior meeting.  That episode impressed me.
 There is a country music  female vocalist whom my wife and I met before a concert several years ago. When we met her, her eyes were vacant and she really didn’t pay close attention to us. When I later met her a second time and asked her to sign a photo of the three of us from the first meeting she did so, but with no comment about the photo or how we had met before or if we had liked the earlier show.  In contrast, that kind of disinterest in her fans is not something  Summer would do.

When we finally met I told Summer that as much I loved Firefly my favorite role of hers was that of Cameron on TSCC. I then asked her what her personal favorite was. She looked down in that adorable way she has and softly said, as if it was our secret, that, yes, Cameron was her favorite role.  She then added comments about how grateful we was to all of her mentors and for the other roles she had played.
I expected to be motioned to move on, but I was not, so I then asked Summer if all of her adulation from fans seemed to be unreal and how she was able to seemingly stay grounded and normal. She paused (it wouldn’t have surprised me if she had tilted her head the way she did as Cameron), seemed to give the question some thought, and then said something to the effect she still just sees herself as a normal person. She then expressed wonder that she had the nerve at age 19 to turn to acting and to move to LA.  
 In short, Summer doesn’t just repeat a script when she meets her fans—you have a discussion with her.

Later that day I had my photo taken with Summer and Ron Glass of Firefly along with a photo just with Summer. During the photo sessions there is not any opportunity to talk with the celebrities-just a quick pose and smile and you are on your way. However , when the second photo was done I said a quiet “thank you”.  In response, Summer, ever polite, gave me a soft “you’re welcome.”
As I was waiting near the photo booth to pick up my photos, I then saw Summer leaving, walking with her then fiancée and now husband. She encountered a young girl, probably around age four, accompanied by her mother. Summer could have just walked on by, but she stopped, stooped down and posed for free with the little girl. No one but the girl, her mother and me witnessed that act of kindness. Summer and her fiancée then walked quietly away and no one bothered them.

Summer was wearing a blue denim outfit with cowboy boots. In TSCC she intentionally sometimes used a “horsey” kind of walk to depict the awkwardness of a terminator infiltrator. In real life Summer does not walk-she seems to glide with an inherent grace in her movements.
I also attended a Firefly panel discussion with Summer and Ron Glass at the Comic Con. Summer and Ron are both among the more quiet members of the Firefly cast and sometimes do not say much if more vocal cast members such as Nathan Fillion or Alan Tudyk are present. It was nice to hear the two of them discuss Firefly and their respective careers.
During the panel discussion I noticed how intense Summer could be. When Ron was talking she tended to keep her eyes on him, focused on what he was saying.

Summer herself talked about how important it was to her to have an understanding of the physical part of her character. She added that her favorite Firefly scene was the opening scene of “Objects in Space,’ the one in which she appeared to be walking barefoot in leaves. She added something to the effect that at the panel she felt “safe” among fans.

I was very impressed by Summer. She obviously is talented, but she also seems to be the kind of person that makes it easy to root for her to have success."

A huge thank you to Randy for sharing his heartwarming impressions with us. It means a lot for fans who don't have the opportunity to meet Summer in person, whether they are on a budget or lack of time or live in another country.


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30 May 2016
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Heartwarming story indeed. Wish the world could be filled with such lovely persons as Summer. Where could we possibly, find another her? (ref.4400)

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Very nice smile
Did anyone else notice the can with the Blue Sun logo on it?

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Good observation REG ! And you know it is funny because, perhaps it was there for or after this (Ohio Sep2013) photo operation. This Spidey_Ant fan, also did it in Wizard World Chicago Comic Con (Aug 2013). Good observation smile !

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