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Meeting Summer at Fan Expo Dallas

h Summer and cool alien cosplay costume
Awesome pic with Summer and cool alien cosplay costume

Our friend Wade is a huge fan of Summer and of the Aliens movies, as evidenced by his 3D animated fan films featuring a CGI model of Summer playing the character of Newt. He finally got the chance to meet the sci-fi icon at Fan Expo Dallas 2019 and kindly shared with us his story and photos. 


Well, me and my brother stood in line to meet Summer. I told her “you are truly lovely” she said “thank you.” I asked her if she would sign my pictures. I brought one that I think was one of her best pictures that I had been carrying around for a long time to one day send to her by mail [Editor's note: an agency photo] and one of my posters of one of my Aliens animated movies (see below).

Here are my signatures from her. Isn't she the sweetest and glad to have met her. And Michael Biehn is coming on my fan art and I'll have my two main cast members' signatures on it. It would be great additions to have Lance Henriksen, Thomas Dekker, and Sigourney Weaver to complete it, but I'll probably never get Weaver, and I mostly wanted Summer and Biehn. Mostly.

Agency photo signed by Summer Glau at Fan Expo Dallas Aliens fan film poster signed by Summer Glau at Fan Expo Dallas

She was intrigued by my poster, she asked what it was, I told her “I make animated movies as a hobby, I also think of you as the lead” she was like “really, wow, I just finished some voice work myself, it was fun.” [Editor's note: science fiction series ALTERNIS narrated by Summer]

She asked if we were from Dallas and we told her we were from Arkansas and she said “really, I’ve never been” and my brother told her that we would love to have her. I told her that I also hope to get Michael Biehn’s autograph (who is another of my fan cast) on the poster too since he’s gonna be in Arkansas in September. She signed my pictures, she said she looks forward to seeing my work in her autograph.

Then we posed for a picture, my brother took the picture (see below). I said “thank you for making my dream come true” and she was so flattered by that saying “you’re welcome” smiling as we walked off for the next person. She was so sweet and probably the sweetest person ever.

Wade poses with Summer Glau at Fan Expo Dallas

We also did the photo shoot. Summer finally met Alien, like I always dreamed. I couldn't see a thing in that mask, also you notice my left glove is upside down, but it kind of gives it an eerie quality. My brother had to guide me inside and asked her "Wade would like you do hold this if that's okay with you" and she said "Oh I'd love too." My brother said Summer was excited to wield my pulse rifle for the picture.[Editor's note: everyone can confirm that Summer has a look of sheer joy holding that pulse rifle].

Wade poses with Summer Glau at Fan Expo Dallas

Btw, I think I just figured out how to make my Alien costume better. I'll use my old phone positioned in my mask with the camera in the eyehole to see better. So then when I meet a celebrity I won't be blind.


For those interested, check out the first parts of Wade's Aliens animated fan fiction trilogy:


20 May 2019
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  Message #1 | Admirator | 21 May 2019, 05:00 GMT

Nice story Wade! And nice costume! BTW, i always was curious about how much can be seen through one of these costumes. Well, this is custom made, but i guess there are limitations in general.. Nice story smile !

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