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Lovely wedding photo of Summer and Val by Joan Allen

Lovely shot of Summer and Val's wedding by Joan Allen
Lovely shot of Summer and Val's wedding by Joan Allen

Joan Allen shared on Instagram the very first image of Summer and Val's wedding and it's lovely. Check out this super sweet photo below.

Summer and Val look so cute and happy together. I love the attention to detail and the composition with the tree in the foreground and the valley in the background is superb. Joan did a great job! Hopefully we'll get to see Summer in her wedding dress in the next photos :-)


Actress Summer Glau and her husband Val were engaged and planning their wedding when they found out the incredibly exciting news that they were expecting their first daughter. With bigger wedding plans on hold, they invited me to photograph their wedding in the exact spot where Val proposed to her. Just the two of them, an officiant and me capturing their love. They laid out a blanket and remained atop this Griffith Park overlook until the sunset and finished. Truly a remarkable day. They welcomed their daughter Mila a couple of months after. Film. Mamiya 6x4.5 Portra 400.


Lovely shot of Summer and Val's wedding by Joan Allen


Joan also spoke to us about Summer and Val's wedding photos and said, "One day I will finally get caught up with everything. Their wedding images are stunning! And unique!". 

A huge thank you to Joan Allen for sharing these beauties. You can follow Joan's Instagram account @HaveFilmWillTravel to accompany her in her visual diary of photography, wanderlust and life.

20 Jul 2017
Total comments: 3
  Message #1 | Admirator | 21 Jul 2017, 19:32 GMT

Lovely couple, lovely photo-shoot smile .

  Message #2 | robbo | 23 Jul 2017, 02:11 GMT

I'm fascinated by the beautiful trees and scenery, would of made a lovely romantic photo-shoot for Summer's film 'The Legend of Hell's Gate' I love how Summer embraces the moment with her warm and reassuring smile smile 

Thanks for sharing Joan! Ur a darling  wink

  Message #3 | Joseph Flowers | 24 Jul 2017, 01:17 GMT

she's my only favourite actress ever and I wish all the best for her: in marriage, career , family and anything else possible.

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